posted 3 years ago

Volkswagen Emission Scandal: How Cars Will Be Modified At Recall

Volkswagen confirms how it plans to fix emission cheat vehicles by end of 2016. New parts and software required at recall.

Recall To Start In 2016

Volkswagen UK has confirmed how it plans to modify vehicles equipped with its emission test cheat via a mechanical part and software. Cars are likely to be recalled in stages, by the end of 2016. Such models have a Type EA 189 EU5 diesel engine – in 1.6 or 2.0-litre form - or the 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder, diesel. A car of this nature also has software that recognises it is on a rolling road and likely to be tested. A possible trigger is that the wheels spin while the steering remains static. It then moves to a frugal setting to cut emissions to a level not replicated on a real road.

New Flow Transformer And Software

The EA 189 1.6-litre diesel engine needs a flow transformer in front of its air mass sensor that: “Calms the swirled air flow” and improves the accuracy of its measurements. Air flow: “Is a very important parameter for the engine management for an optimum combustion process”, Volkswagen said. A software update is required too. The estimated time for such work is an hour. The 2.0-litre engine, in contrast, only needs new software that can be installed in about half an hour. Changes required to the 1.2-litre engine have not been confirmed, but new software is the most likely choice. 

No Adverse Effects

Volkswagen said: “The objective for the development of the technical measures (to bring vehicles in line with emission standards) is still to achieve the applicable emission targets in each case without any adverse effects on the engine output, fuel consumption and performance.” But the motor manufacturer rang a warning bell too. It argued: “As all model variants first have to be measured, the achievement of these targets cannot yet be finally confirmed.” In the meantime it claimed: “Vehicles remain technically safe and can therefore be driven on public roads without any limitation.” This is “certain”, the company emphasised.

Manufacturer To Minimise Inconvenience

The manufacture is keen to minimise the impact of the recalls on its customers. It claimed: “Volkswagen will ensure that the time needed to implement the technical measures is as short as possible for all customers. In addition, Volkswagen will contact all customers and endeavour to consider individual customer needs during the implementation of these measures to avoid any disadvantages for the customer, such as possible curbing of their mobility.” The manufacturer concluded: “In connection with this, the Volkswagen brand will thus ensure that all customers are offered appropriate replacement mobility options free of charge.”