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Volkswagen Emission Scandal: No Extra Road Tax For Drivers

Motorists with cars fitted with the defeat device will not have to pay more road tax, UK government confirms.

VW Drivers Will Not Pay More Road Tax

Volkswagen's with the “defeat device” which makes them temporarily more eco-friendly for emission tests will not be moved to more expensive tax bands, the UK government says. A modern vehicle's road tax rate – or excise duty – is based on its emissions.

The lower the emissions the lower the cost. An affected car has a Type EA 189 EU5 diesel engine with software that recognises it is on a rolling road; probably for a test. A likely trigger is that the wheels spin while the steering is static. It then moves to a frugal setting which cuts emissions to a level not replicated on the road.

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The British Government's Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “Our priority is to protect the public and give them full confidence in diesel tests. The government expects VW to support owners of these vehicles already purchased in the UK, and we are playing our part by ensuring no one will end up with higher tax costs as a result of this scandal.”

Mr McLoughlin added: “We are also starting our testing programme to get to the bottom of what the situation is for VW cars in the UK - and understand the wider implications for other car types to give all consumers certainty.”

Volkswagen Scandal

Automobile Association President, Edmund King, described the clarification on car tax as “common sense”. He said: “When customers bought these cars it was in good faith. They bought them based on the details that were available at the time (and) to add to their tax would be grossly unfair.”

Furthermore: “This is a common sense and pragmatic approach and it will put many drivers' minds at ease.”

Volkswagen Emission Scandal Hits Millions Of Cars

Volkswagen claims that approximately 5 million of its cars are affected globally – all of which look set to be recalled from January 2016. These include the Golf (6th generation), Passat (7th generation) and Tiguan (1st generation). UK passenger car numbers total 508,278 and commercial vehicles 79,838.

Furthermore Volkswagen is, in fact, The Volkswagen Group that incorporates other brands that share the Type EA 189 EU5 diesel engine. These include Audi (393,450 affected), SEAT (76,773) and ŠKODA (131,569).

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Dr. Herbert Diess, Chief Executive Officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand said: “We are working at full speed on a technical solution that we will present to partners, to our customers and to the public as swiftly as possible.

Our aim is to inform our customers as quickly as possible, so that their vehicles comply fully with regulations. I assure you that Volkswagen will do everything humanly possible to win back the trust of our customers, the dealerships and the public.”

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