posted 7 years ago

Volkswagen Fox vs. Nissan Pixo

The Volkswagen Fox and Nissan Pixo are irritating each other.

The Volkswagen Fox and Nissan Pixo are irritating each other. Both want to be recognised as the superior city car - but there can be 'only one'. The Fox 1.2 produces 60ps, hits 62mph in 15.9 seconds, and averages 48.7mpg. These figures are unremarkable, so the Pixo 1.0 Visia has a chance to exploit this weakness. Despite having a smaller engine, the Japanese run-around produces an additional 8ps. As such, it is faster to 62mph reaching the mark in a more sensible 14 seconds. The Nissan is also extremely frugal, so it averages 15.5mpg more than its opponent. Better fuel consumption means lower emissions, so the Pixo is also cheaper to tax than the Volkswagen Fox 1.2.

More bad news for the German now. The Nissan Pixo – which is only available in 1.0 Visia guise - is cheaper than the entry-level Fox. It costs £6,995 rather than £7,795. The Pixo also has two extra doors, making life easier for the rear passengers. That said, the VW has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. It has a larger boot, for starters, and an electronic stability programme to keep it pointing in the right direction. Very nice, but not enough to save it from a comprehensive thrashing. The Nissan is cheaper, faster, kinder to the environment, and has five doors. The Fox is a decent car, but it is outclassed by the Pixo.