posted 6 years ago

Volkswagen Polo GTI DSG

The VW Polo GTI DSG is more fun than winning the lottery.

The VW Polo GTI DSG is more fun than winning the lottery. In fact, this hot-hatch - and I rarely say this - is almost impossible to fault. Why? Because the 1.4-litre 180PS petrol engine propels money winners to 62mph in only 6.9 seconds, for starters, and it averages a pleasing 47.9mpg. This complements the superb handling. Highlights include its beautifully weighted steering, solid cornering, and the six-speed auto transmission that flicks quickly between the cogs. Motorists can even swap from full-auto to semi-auto mode to select the gears manually. Also, unlike some powerful cars that ride so harshly they shake the change from your wallet, this GTI has a nice ride. It is therefore comfortable enough to drive all day.

The VW Polo GTI DSG has a high equipment specification to complement its super-speedy performance. Highlights include the: electronic stability programme for safer cornering, air-con, Bluetooth, and – in the specific vehicle I tested – rear parking sensors and cruise control. However, these optional extras cost £310 each. This fashion statement also has a respectable 280-litre boot, so lottery winners can carry their monstrous piles of cash. And there is more... this is a VW. That ensures every switch, knob, and handle on this three/five door beauty feel beautifully screwed together. Polo GTI DSG prices range from £19,330 to £19,995. That is low considering its virtues, so even most non-lottery winners can afford it.