German car lovers are nodding in 'stoic appreciation'

German car lovers are nodding in 'stoic appreciation' as the Volkswagen range is now available from only £98 per month. This rock-bottom price is for the pint-sized Fox which is listed on a personal contract purchase plan. Terms include a £2,159 deposit plus thirty-six payments of the aforementioned £98. The interest rate is 7.9% APR, and the final optional purchase payment a temptingly modest £2,795.

Motorists who fancy moving to a larger vehicle may prefer the Volkswagen Golf. This eternally reliable family car is available on various finance packages for payments of £189 - £249. The cheapest monthly option requires thirty-six payments at 7.9%, plus the £4,184 deposit. Should you purchase the Golf at the end of the contract you will also need to hunt around for the £5,900 purchase payment.

Lovers of the classic VW Beetle can slip into its latest incarnation from only £149 per month at 7.9%. This thirty-six payment personal contract purchase plan also requires a £3,857 deposit - plus the £125 acceptance fee. The optional purchase payment is £5,641 which is modest enough to tempt fashion conscious consumers. This iconic run-around is also listed as a convertible for payments of £189 at 7.9% APR, plus the £4,849 deposit. If you can't bear handing it back in three years time the final purchase payment is £6,780.