posted 7 years ago

Volkswagen Scirocco from £19,345

The new Volkswagen Scirocco is currently available from £19,345

The new Volkswagen Scirocco is currently available from £19,345, there is £500 saving and business users only pay £259 per month.

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a good looking car which benefits access to great engines and is solidly built. With an attractive design and sporty appearance the Volkswagen Scirocco claimed the 2008 AutoBILD Design Award and was named Car of the Year by Top Gear magazine. Since the award the new addition Volkswagen Scirocco Bluemotion has arrived replacing the TDI in the range. Power output is unchanged, but the addition of stop-start system, regenerative brakes and gearshift help cut emissions to 118g/km annual tax costs only £30. The coupe can return 62.8mpg and achieves 0-62mph in just 9.3 seconds.

All Volkswagen Scirocco models feature advanced adaptive chassis control offering three driver-selected settings comfort, normal and sport. The system’s influence extends to the steering system: should ‘sport’ be selected, the steering firms up to provide more feel while ‘comfort’ mode makes the steering lighter and easier to operate at low speeds or around town.