posted 5 years ago

Volvo Cars Now Cheaper To Insure

Volvo Safety System Lower Insurance Premiums

Volvo's City Safety Autonomous Emergency Braking system ensures its new cars are now cheaper to insure. Why? Because this technology – that has been retrofitted to a range of existing models – helps a motorist avoid or lessen the severity of a low speed collision. How? By monitoring the road ahead via a laser and braking if there is a hazard the driver makes no effort to avoid. As such, this system reduces the probability of the motorist making an insurance claim. Thatcham – which defines the insurance group ratings of vehicles - has therefore reclassified several of the manufacturer's existing models. The XC60 R-Design Lux Nav D5, for example, was Group 35E but is now 31E. Volvo Car Insurance report that this could result in a saving of £161.81 per-year. Similar savings relate to the V70 SE Lux D5, the S60 R-Design Nav D5, and the XC70 SE Nav D5, etc. Insurance premiums are based on a man aged thirty-five and a woman of thirty-three that are married, living in the capital city, have three-years no claims discount, drive fifteen thousand miles per-year, use the car for work/play and park overnight in the street. Furthermore, some cars are available with systems that brake if they detect pedestrians and cyclists that the driver - after being warned via beeps and lights - fails to respond too.

Volvo Discusses Lowered Insurance Group Ratings

Volvo Car UK Managing Director, Nick Connor, said: “With City Safety Autonomous Emergency Braking now fitted as standard across all new production Volvos except the XC90, it’s fantastic to see the technology recognised by Thatcham, ultimately allowing Volvo drivers to enjoy big cost savings on their insurance. The continued introduction of all these lifesaving technologies (including pedestrian/cyclist detection) links back to our Vision 2020 long term objective that by 2020 no one should be killed or injured in a new Volvo.

New Volvo Range

Volvo produces a wide range of vehicles that – in addition to their safety features – have numerous strengths. Highlights include the V70 Estate which beautifully balances practicality, prestige and luxury. This complements the V40 Hatchback which is the first car in the world to have an air-bag for pedestrians concealed beneath its bonnet. What a remarkable feature. Motorists can also choose from the S60 Saloon which is a tremendous cruiser and four-wheel-drives such as the XC70, XC60 and XC90. All Volvo's vehicles feel nicely built and have an “x-factor” that helps them stand out from the crowd.