posted 6 years ago

Volvo extend Approved Used Car Programme and Volvo Service Promise

The scheme now includes cars up to 7 years old

Volvo Car UK has announced an extension to its Approved Used Car Programme to include cars up to seven years old. Originally the scheme only covered vehicles up to five years old so an extra two years will be more than welcome as long as the car hasn’t travelled more than 100,000 miles. Bruce Greenwood, VCUK used car programme manager said “we have responded to the wishes of our retail network who in turn are reacting to the demands of today’s car buyer. Used car buyers are increasingly open to vehicles which are slightly older and with higher mileage. It is also a great reflection on the reliability of the brand that we are confident in being able to deliver the rigorous standards of our used car programme to Volvo vehicles aged up to seven-years-old.”

The Volvo Selekt programme includes a range of assurances for used Volvo buyers:

  • Are under 7 years old and have travelled less than 100,000 miles
  • Have a full service history and have been checked by an authorised Volvo technician
  • Are prepared to Volvo standards with over 100 checks and a software upgrade  
  • MOT Test Warranty for up to £750 of repairs**
  • Are covered by Volvo's European roadside assistance package for 12 months
  • Come with a 30-day or 1500 mile satisfaction guarantee

Motorists that are looking for a slightly older Volvo can really benefit from purchasing a used Volvo. It is really important to know that the vehicle you choose has been checked and prepared by the experts.  The Volvo Selekt package ensures the customer knows the car still meets the exacting standards of Volvo. 

Volvo are also looking to support their consumers with the Volvo Service Promise:

When you have your car serviced at a Volvo dealership, we make a pledge to you. It's called the Volvo Service Promise - and it guarantees an unbeatable combination of quality, reassurance and expertise. First, your personal service advisor will deal with any of your questions and make sure you get to where you need to go. Our expert technicians will then give your car a full health check including a free software upgrade to ensure that it's performing at its best. Finally, we'll provide you with 12 months' complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance and a car wash.


  1. We'll ensure your Volvo's software is upgraded
  2. We'll provide you with 12 months' Roadside Assistance free
  3. We'll give you a named contact who'll make sure you're happy
  4. We'll sort out the best alternative transport for you while we have your car
  5. We'll give your car a free health check
  6. And we'll give it a wash and vacuum before we return it to you

Demand for used cars is high

By increasing the age of the vehicles eligible to be sold under the scheme, Volvo UK is providing its 110-strong retail network with access to even more cars at a time when demand has increased among used car buyers for older, higher mileage vehicles.

The move also reflects the change in consumer behavior as motorists are keeping their vehicles longer both as a result of the economic climate and the improved reliability of modern cars. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the average age of cars on the road in 2011 was 7.44 years two months older than the previous year.