posted 4 years ago

Volvo: Front Seat Replaced By Multi-Function Console

Volvo Lounge Console At Shanghai Auto Show

The Volvo Lounge Console takes “in car luxury to a new level” by replacing the front passenger seat with a multi-function unit, the manufacturer claims. This concept – that has been revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show – best suits chauffeur driven executives. Its purpose is to help tycoons either relax or work between meetings.

Lounge Console Features

The Lounge Console incorporates a table that opens to reveal an illuminated vanity mirror. It houses a thin storage tray for  jewellery, personal accessories and make-up. The table rotates 90 degrees and slides forward to reveal a 17” screen “for a full in-car theatre experience”, Volvo says. Below the cushioned leg rest is an area to store shoes. This complements the lockable storage box. Removing the front passenger seat also provides the executive with an unhindered view of the road via the windscreen.

Purpose Is To Showcase 2 Things

Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President of Design at the Volvo Car Group, said: “The intention with this concept is to showcase 2 things: firstly that Volvo Cars is aware of the needs of our executive customers and secondly, that with design innovation and modern materials we can effectively create a passenger experience that is unique in the premium car segment.”

Started By Looking At Executive Lifestyle

Mr Ingenlath added: “We started this work by looking at the executive lifestyle. With our progressive approach to premium design and functionality we analysed the needs and perspective of the chauffeur driven executive, designing the car around him or her in the spirit of our brand’s aim. A key element in our thinking was how to make the available interior space work for the occupants in an optimal and luxurious fashion. Removing the passenger seat enabled us to create an open space that dramatically changes the dynamics of the interior and led to a firework of ideas and new possibilities.”

Console Remains A Concept

The Volvo Lounge Console is not likely to be brought to market in the near future (to the best of our knowledge). Unconventional features have a habit of appearing at motor shows, after all. Its purpose – beyond the manufacturer's stated objectives – is to seek publicity, get people talking and test the market. If millions of motorists scream that they must have it, the manufacturer will quickly oblige. However, the market for such a system is small and those that can afford a chauffeur might already own a Rolls-Royce.