posted 8 years ago

Volvo offer hayfever relief

New Volvo cars can help provide relief to the 8-10 million hayfever sufferers in the UK

All new Volvo cars can help provide relief to the 8-10 million hayfever sufferers in the UK due to the standard fitment of a pollen filter. Andreas Andersson manager of the allergy-optimised car interiors at Volvo Cars said “the filters we fit to clean the passenger compartment air also remove the particles that cause allergies. A ride in a car can actually make breathing easier for many sufferers when the problem becomes acute.”

The hayfever season starts in mid-to-late April with tree pollen such as ash and pine. Common garden trees such as silver birch cause problems in late April to mid May and just as tree pollen is subsiding, grass pollen becomes an issue and causes mayhem from early May through to mid August. With symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes liable to affect a motorist’s ability to drive safely, it’s a situation Volvo takes very seriously. High-mileage drivers such as company motorists or commercial vehicle drivers are most at risk of accelerating their symptoms as they spend a lot more time in their vehicles each day.

Volvo's concern isn’t just restricted to new vehicle buyers either. Pollen filters are replaced as part of the regular routine service at Volvo dealers, so the benefits also apply to customers purchasing older, used vehicles too.

Along with the standard fitment of a Pollen filter, Volvo’s contribution to hay fever relief also includes its automatic Air Quality System (AQS) and a Clean Zone Interior Package (CZIP). The Volvo S80, V70, XC70 and XC60 have been recommended by Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.