posted 5 years ago

Volvo UK ask customers to take the ‘test drive challenge’

Volvo V40 versus Mercedes A-Class

Volvo have taken a very unusual and unique way of putting the Volvo V40 ‘out there’ by setting up direct competition with is class rival the Mercedes A-Class. The competition is in fact a test drive comparison named ‘Bored of German Techno? Try some Swedish Metal.’

The Volvo V40 has been extremely successful since its launch and is in fact the best selling Volvo in the UK. Now Volvo would like customers who are considering purchasing the Mercedes A-Class to take the Volvo V40 challenge. Volvo will ask customers to test drive both the Volvo V40 R-Design and the Mercedes A-Class A180 Blue EFFICIENCY Sport, after driving both cars back to back if the customer still chooses the Mercedes then Volvo will pay the first months payment. Terms and conditions do apply and there is a limit to the maximum payment.

Jon Wakefield, sales director for Volvo Car UK said "the all-new V40 has been a roaring success since its introduction and we have such belief in the V40 being a fantastic product that we're being bold enough to put our money where our mouth is. I have no hesitation in telling people what a great car the V40 is, and by getting more and more people to test drive it, I'm sure more and more people will agree with me. Some may call us brazen, others may call us bold, but there's no denying that we have such confidence in the V40 that we're prepared to challenge people's opinions and make them consider their options.”

It is a very unusual way to attract customers for a test drive and it will certainly get people talking. Both cars are very attractive and offer the best in sports luxury.'s interesting to see if Mercedes Benz will react to this as it is what some would call guerrilla marketing! This sort of thing has been going on in the USA for years and especially in automotive, but the UK has always been a little more reserved when it comes to such overt direct targeting.

The new Volvo V40 and the new Mercedes A-Class are probably the two best looking cars ever to be launched in this segment; it will be exciting to see what happens especially if Volvo can actually steal Mercedes consumers from such an aggressive marketing campaign.

It is refreshing to see Volvo giving the German brands a run for their money and if it works then BMW and Audi better watch out as Volvo may see this type of marketing as a future strategy.