posted 8 years ago

VW Touran is Best Used 7-Seater for Eco-Warriors

The Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion is the best used seven-seater for eco-warriors

The Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion is the best used seven-seater for eco-warriors. This beautifully constructed family hold-all earns this accolade mostly because of its 1.9-litre 103bhp diesel engine. This economical unit returns a combined average of 52.3mpg, and up to 60.1mpg on the extra-urban cycle. The Touran BlueMotion's emissions are therefore only 144g/km which is impressive for a vehicle the size of Dorset.

The Touran BlueMotion also achieves its noteworthy efficiency through a serious of technical innovations. These include engine modifications, lowering the ride height to improve aerodynamics, and fitting low rolling resistance tyres. There is also a visual gear change recommendation indicator to help drivers achieve the optimum fuel efficiency. Presumably red-lining from traffic lights is frowned upon.

This talented multi-purpose vehicle earns further praise for its family focused flexibility. The sixth and seventh seats easily fold flat revealing a vast load area perfect for the twelve tons of shopping the average family consume per week. There are also various smaller storage compartments including under-seat boxes, a sunglasses holder, and a glove-box bigger than a Smart Car.'s database reveals the used 2009 Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion is listed with 'buy safe' sellers from £15,000.