posted 5 years ago

Warning About Text And E-Mail Licence Renewal Reminders

DVLA Never Sends Renewal Reminders By Text/E-Mail

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency has stressed that it never sends licence renewal reminders by text or e-mail - and that is a very important point. Why? Because motorists are receiving such messages from third parties and assuming they are from an official government source. This error can prove expensive. Motorists then follow the text/e-mail links to websites that have no affiliation with the DVLA. Despite this, some bare a striking resemblance that might confuse the unsuspecting. Drivers then complete – or to be accurate believe they complete the renewals online – and pay the relevant fees. But this does not result in new licences. Instead, the companies simply print the application forms and post them to the motorists. Some also check for errors and omissions. The paperwork must then be sent to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency which is the only body that legally produces licences. But let us be clear. It is legal to offer a form printing service assuming the provider does not misrepresent itself, or its service. Furthermore, some from printing companies offer a phone-based advice line which operate via premium rate numbers. These could increase any outlay exponentially.

Photocard Driving Licence Renewal

The photocard licence – for those aged less than seventy – typically expires after ten years. This is because a motorist's appearance can change considerably within that time and the photograph has to accurately represent the subject. Older motorists have to  renew every three years. The process can be completed at a post office or via the post, but the most convenient method tends to be online. The direct route – that sidesteps the form printing companies – is (then follow the links). Furthermore, the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency sends a reminder through the post a few weeks before the license expires. As mentioned, there is never a text or e-mail reminder from this government source - so treat any message with caution. To renew online the driver must:

have a valid UK passport issued within the last five years ,be a resident of Great Britain,pay twenty pounds by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta, provide addresses of where he/she has lived for the last three years, have a driving licence (including the paper counterpart) if is is a photocard licence, have a National Insurance number, not be disqualified from driving.