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Warning About Text And E-Mail Licence Renewal Reminders

DVLA Never Sends Renewal Reminders By Text/E-Mail

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency has stressed that it never sends licence renewal reminders by text or e-mail - and that is a very important point. Why? Because motorists are receiving such messages from third parties and assuming they are from an official government source. This error can prove expensive. Motorists then follow the text/e-mail links to websites that have no affiliation with the DVLA. Despite this, some bear a striking resemblance that might confuse the unsuspecting. Drivers then complete – or to be accurate believe they complete the renewals online – and pay the relevant fees. But this does not result in new licences. Instead, the companies simply print the application forms and post them to the motorists. Some also check for errors and omissions. The paperwork must then be sent to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency which is the only body that legally produces licences. But let us be clear. It is legal to offer a form printing service assuming the provider does not misrepresent itself, or its service. Furthermore, some from printing companies offer a phone-based advice line which operate via premium rate numbers. These could increase any outlay exponentially.

Photocard Driving Licence Renewal

The photocard licence – for those aged less than seventy – typically expires after ten years. This is because a motorist's appearance can change considerably within that time and the photograph has to accurately represent the subject. Older motorists have to  renew every three years. The process can be completed at a post office or via the post, but the most convenient method tends to be online. The direct route – that sidesteps the form printing companies – is (then follow the links). Furthermore, the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency sends a reminder through the post a few weeks before the license expires. As mentioned, there is never a text or e-mail reminder from this government source - so treat any message with caution.

To renew online the driver must: have a valid UK passport issued within the last five years, be a resident of Great Britain, pay twenty pounds by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta, provide addresses of where he/she has lived for the last three years, have a driving licence (including the paper counterpart) if it is a photocard licence, have a National Insurance number, and not be disqualified from driving.


I was in a rush the other evening to get my license re issued, had no idea the was not the actual site I needed and before I realised I had spend £39 totally unnecessarily! :( sent immediate email as per the instructions on the site to cancel the service but nothing, abs nothing, third email now sent and still .... nothing!!! what can you do? no telephone number on site just completely fed up.

QUESTION to the Author: is it not possible to renew online if you dont have a valid passport, does the number suffice instead? I have noticed that mine is long out of date, don't recall ever getting a reminder in the post ... can i still renew it online?

Articles such as these should be proof read before being published. I am disappointed that Stephen Turvil writes 'bare' when he should write 'bear'.

Still have my paper licence so don't know what all the fuss it about

It makes this a very pricey business once over 70, if you have to have a passport that is 5years old or under. What if one doesn't travel that regularly - surely there must be some other means of identification tht is usable?

In answer to David Atkinson... you are missing the point...its all about AGE DISCRIMINATION. Although its a different subject let me just mention the NHS, its been said lately and by a professional body that the Senior Citizens of this Country do not get the proper treatment that they deserve. Open your eyes man.. if you've got all the licences that I had then I guarantee that when they are taken from you, then you will feel some resentment or are you not from this planet!!! OK so we might need a medical after the age of 70 but with 2years still to run on your existing medical thats exploitation and money grabbing again...their attitude is 'over 70...unfit'

Do you need someone to proof read your articles so you can correct the errors before you post? Might be an idea.

Fell victim to rogue site when I needed to replace a stolen driving licence. Don't search when tired like I did - it cost me £80.00 (thought it said £30) and all I got was the form auto filled in. Still had to supply a photo and pay the £20.00 DVLA fee. Went back to the sites main page afterwards and checked for charge info. None there. Don't take any chances - type in DVLA into the search and double check that's where you are directed.

Even with DVLA postal reminder I found it impossible to get directly to DVLA, I KEPT BEING DIRECTED TO SEARCH ENGINE SITES,where payments varied fron £1 to £20 and in the end I gave up98399882 and applied by post.

I also fell for a site on which to renew an existing passport., a costly mistake! There is also a "false" site charging £ 20 for the E111 health card to use abroad. Via the NHS it is free. My photo driving licence was renewed on line using my new passport information and photo

Dennis - you don't need to have a passport to renew your licence. But if you have a passport that was issued in the last 5 years then you can renew online and the DVLA will use the passport photograph on your new licence. Otherwise you'll need to renew by post or at the post office, and supply a new photo.

I know a 67 year old lady who had an e mail saying her photocard licence was about to expire. I could not understand it as she had one of the old green paper licences.

There is a similar scam involved with tax returns

Afraid I was one who fell for this trap at a cost of £29.00. I now realise that at 75years of age I don't have to pay. It was only after the DVLA requested further information that I realised I had been conned.

No way should a person have a passport to renew a driving license. A Birth Certificate should be enough evidence as this is what you supply for a passport. Are the DVLA from a different planet.Motorists are already getting hit with minimum pelanty fines that have gone from £60 to £100. Enough is Enough,I have still got my paper license from 1980 and I'll keep it that way,it's a valid license.

Stephen, I recognise all scam emails by bad spellings. As your message contains two, I'm inclined to ignore it.

So they will send you a reminder through the post to the current address they have on file, I assume. Can anyone confirm?

Why do I need a passport of least than 5 years old to renew my drivers licence? I have not had the need to go abroad since 1997 & still do not have the urge to travel abroad so do not require to spend £70.00 plus for a 10 year passport which certain countries do not accept once the passport is over nine years old.Again a govermental money grabbing excise, i.e. £20.00 for the drivers licence plus £72.50 for the passport.

I cannot believe these incredulous posts. It isn't about money, and it isn't about being unfit one second after your 70th birthday, it is about recognising that at a certain age, perhaps your suitability to continue driving needs verifying. Not really unreasonable as it is rare a driver will admit they can no longer drive safely despite the fact they present a potential massive danger to others. SO, at a statistically determined age where the risks have become too great your license needs renewing together with a Dr verifying your suitability. I'm not that far away myself, and I think it is not only reasonable, it is essential!

At 1 minute to midnight on the last day of my 69th year, I had every licence...LGV PCV and Car...except Motorbike At 1 minute into my 70th year...they took every licence except the Car away. So they reckon that in the space of 2 minutes I became unfit to drive these Categorys. I would hold up to any driving test in any of these categorys. David Cameron and the Department for Transport needs to wake up and consider the wealth of skill and talent still available in the Senior Citizen population of this Country. Definately discrinination against the over 70's.

Renewing your licence at 70+ is free, so what's all the griping about??

definitely age discrimination,should be one third cost if has to be renewed every 3 years

i have 2 words to sum it up EASY TARGET

its all about how much they can get out of you, i renewed my licence last year (10yrs) iwill be 70 this year, they will be making me renew it again this year no doubt, money grabbing sharks

I think that its wrong that the old paper licence is valid until you need to surrender it for endorsement etc but if you have a plastic card you need to update it every 10 years regardless and it still comes with a useless piece of paper, card or paper make your minds up. Extorting more and more money out of the legitimate motorist, stop complicating the process or make it free. No wonder there are so many illegal drivers on the road, it doesn't pay to be legal anymore.

When this photo card came out i got a letter from dvla explaining that if i didn't send my paper license back with passport photo i could get a £1000 fine or 6 months in prison...glad i got photo card now though with all these foreign fraudsters driving under some one else name

After all the negative comments I have heard about DVLA I have only praise for them. I recently renewed my wife's licence online on a Wednesday morning, then went to the Post Office to renew mine on the Wednesday afternoon and both arrived in the post on Saturday. My only complaint is that the elderly are penalised as they pay the same price as the 10 year licence even though it may be 1 to 9 years before they are 70 and have to renew again.

It's always annoyed me.. They force you to change your photocard license every ten years but charge you £20 for the privilege. If they are asking me to change the card, it should be free unless I damage it and are required to get a new one. Stinks of con to me.

Another way to rip off the driver .makes me laugh n cry at the same time .i ve just renewd my card licence .funny thing I ve given the same photo of mine which was already on the licence n yet they ve just renewed my licence.its not abot I'd it's about money .money that they squeaz of from drivers .in this country we get punished for having our own cars n it's as simple as that.

never had a photo licence and no need for one and as for passport only had one that expired and again no need for such save money and stay with paper licence as perfectly legal

I have a paper Driving Licence issued to me by the Department of Transport back in February 1977. I do not have a plastic phot-ard. Is mine still valid. I am not age 70 and do not have to renew it with a medical check, for several years awhile.

Many people (specially older people who don't travel) don't have a valid UK passport. The renewal form is about as clear as mud too! I had to ring up for advice and was told that a photo was not needed (in my particular case this was not mentioned anywhere on the form!).

You mugs! When did you ever learn to trust a government the same way you trust a rattle snake? The paper licence runs for life, doesn't need a mug shot and doesn't need a new tax.

As far as I am aware, paper licences are still fine - my wife had one, but needed a photo licence to get an international driving permit. Also, the passport is surely only needed if you don't want to send the other proof documentation (DVLA gets the photo from biometric passports, but you can send your own). Also, if there is even a minor printing error on your existing licence, you can get a photo licence free of charge - DVLA are scrupulously honest about that.

Do you by law have to have a photo licence? as i still only have my paper one & will keep this if i do not have to have a photo one

Why does it say must have a UK passport? We have not been abroad for years and let our passports lapse as renewal at our age is too expensive and time consuming!!!!

I was one of the first to trial the photo card licence.they said when I had it it would need renewing every 10 years and would be no cost at all to renew or change pictures..many years later.££££££££££££££££££££££

I wonder how many people are driving around on overseas licences and not only overrun on the 90 day insurance but also failed to re-register the vehicle in the UK. Strikes me the more honest you are the more you get penalised. I worry about where the UK is going with all this. Put this cost and well as the other taxes on fuel, that way all those that drive pay, even those that "play" the system.

How far in advance can we renew ,and why do we have to pay ,you don't pay for paper licences another rip of Britain

this message really contradicts its self you never do renewals by e.mail . but still you can renew your licence online . make your minds up .

@Aaron Newstead - holding a driving license is optional and not everyone drives - are you suggesting that the renewal should be paid for through taxation. Also every driver has to pay so you comment about giving to "unregistered" seems rather pointless. Someone has to pay the cost!

So only the people who are registered in uk have to do this and pay again. Another made up law to take your made up money from you. This country makes me angry. Take take take from the registered and give give give to the unregistered.