posted 7 years ago

Warranty Direct Reveal Monster mk1

Warranty Direct has revealed the revolting Monster mk1

Warranty Direct has revealed the revolting Monster mk1 – a concoction of the worst performing cars in each category of its reliability index. This monstrosity has: brakes from the Audi A8, suspension from the BMW M3, an engine from the MG TF, transmission from the Land Rover Freelander, ignition from the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, electrics from the Renault Megane, air-conditioning from the Seat Alhambra, heating and cooling systems from the Seat Toledo, and finally steering from the Volvo C70. What a magnificent vehicle.

Warranty Direct managing director, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: 'The Monster Mk1 represents the worst-performing vehicles in every sector - from suspension to electrics, on our roads today. The wide range of cars included in our special blend highlights how mostly reliable cars can be dragged down by one problem part.' Good point, well made.

Warranty Direct – who have no plans to mass produce the Monster mk1 - estimate it would break down every second month at a bank-busting average cost of £2,050. This horrendous machine was created courtesy of their live policy database, which contains information about fifty-thousand vehicles. These average five years old. In real life, the reliability index proves that four out of ten cars require annual repairs. Best get a warranty.