posted 7 years ago

Warranty Wise Wear and Tear Policy

The Warranty Wise wear and tear policy is reassuringly comprehensive.

The Warranty Wise wear and tear policy is reassuringly comprehensive. The key to successful 'wear and tear' claims is that the mechanical components must have failed 'prematurely' or 'unexpectedly'. Let's paraphrase an easy to follow example, as explained by former Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson who designed the policy.

The transmission in a BMW starts to grumble. The car is relatively new, regularly serviced, and has only covered 60,000 miles. As such the gearbox should be working perfectly. The failure is 'premature' so Warranty Wise settle the bill. By contrast, if the BMW had been worn because of excessive age or mileage the claim would have been rejected. They are settled on a basis of what is 'reasonable' - considering vehicle age, mileage, and history.

Warranty Wise offer a choice of polices. Bronze, for example, covers basics such as the engine, camshaft timing belts, transmission, clutch, drive train, and differential. Silver includes the suspension, braking elements, and electrical items such as the voltage regulator. Gold protects the cruise control system and engine temperature sensor, and Platinum includes the air bags and catalytic converter. This list is not exhaustive.

Warranty Wise customers can pay for one, two, or three years cover. Alternatively, sign-up for single month insurance – one month at a time. Most vehicles can be protected, but exceptions include Japanese imports. However, vehicles must have been serviced within twelve months and have covered 100,000 miles or less. Furthermore policies can be transferred between owners, there are no excesses, and 80% of claims are settled in full.

Totally rubbish service, Never use them. Save some money you can use the money you spend to take the policy ti repair your car when it breaks down. I took a policy which covers engine works, last week my car got problem with EGR valve and when I rang Warranty Wise and told them about it the lady said yes my policy covers for the repair so I need to take it to a VAT registered repair center and ask them to give a call back so they can start the paper work. When the repair center contacted them Warranty wise declined the claim as even though in diagnostics it clearly says got problem with EGR valve but don't fails in emission test, to which by their terms and condition it has to fail. Even the mechanic from the garage called and argued with Warrant Wise that it is not necessary that if there is a problem with EGR valve the car should fail in emission test but Warranty Wise didn't excepted it. Even mechanic is agreed with me that they are deliberately doing this to avoid the claim. Now I emailed to Customer Service and mentioned that I need a reply soon as I need my car back so that I can go back to work coming Monday. But they never bother to reply me back. The repair center agreed to give me a letter saying that its not necessary to fail in emission if it got problem with EGR valve and if I don't get a reply by Monday will start legal proceeding. I don't know how they got 95% positive feedback from customer, might be from their own staff...

Faced with a timing chain tensioner failing on my 2005 golf fsi the chain jumped teeth and the car ran like a pig. Warrantywise covered the aa recovery prior to the claim being accepted and the claim was agreed to be paid in full no quibles. Very happy man!!