posted 2 years ago

What Could the New Tesla Model 3 Mean for the World?

Here's how Elon Musk's latest creation could change the entire industry

To say the new Model 3 is going to change the world may be a bit of an exaggeration – at least in the short term. However, Tesla producing a much more affordable model, over the likes of the popular Model S, is sure to be a game changer for the car marker.

It’s been eight years of promotional build up from chief executive Elon Musk on the Model 3 and, following its launch this month, Tesla has already taken 276,000 deposits of $1,000 for it. Although, as the deposits are refundable, it’ll be interesting to see how many sales actually go through.

Musk believes that this is the car to make the biggest step, in terms of vehicles, toward all-electric. Thus resulting in a more substantial step toward curbing climate change and a move away from the combustion engine.

The Model S has been a very popular model, but has out-priced a lot of people, so it’s more than reasonable to expect that the new Model 3, which has an expected starting price of just £25,000, will do well.

Tesla Model 3

Revealed at a special event held in California, the new Model 3 is the fourth all-electric model from Tesla. Other models from Tesla, which include the Roadster, the larger Model S saloon and the X crossover SUV all cost around $100,000, depending on the selected options, so the Model 3 drastically undercuts them all.

Much like its sister cars, the Model 3 is set to boast some very compelling reasons to buy. Despite exact specifications yet to be announced, it’s expected that the model will be able to sprint from 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds, thanks to supercharging capability, and will get a mile range of at least 250miles from a single charge. 

Tesla Model 3

The compact four-door saloon is said to be large enough to comfortably seat five adults and will feature ridiculous boot space of a large boot to the rear, as well as an additional boot space up front. Musk said at the launch event “no combustion-engined car of this size could offer as much cabin space”.

This lack of engine to the front of the car aids in passengers receiving that additional cabin-room. The single pane of glass, which runs from the front of the car to the rear also helps to open the car up, giving the feeling of more space. All Model 3s sold are said to come with autonomous technology and a tablet-style infotainment system, much like that featured in the Model S.

At the launch event for the new ‘baby Model S’, Musk also made some very bold claims for safety stating that the model would get a five star rating in every category, not just overall. 

As an all-electric rival to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, the new Model 3 has sparked accelerated plans from the likes of the Volkswagen Group, BMW and Nissan to put electric cars on the road by the end of the decade.

Tesla Model 3

Access to Tesla’s network of Superchargers will be available to the new model, however, despite the Model S receiving this service for free, it’s not yet confirmed that the service will also be free for Model 3 owners.

Going forward, Tesla plans to increase its battery production at its Gigafactory plant in Nevada, America, with a target of 500,000 produced per year, as well as increasing its current Supercharger network to 7,200.

Deliveries of the Model 3 are expected to take place late next year, with prices starting from around £25,000 – however this could increase, depending on UK import costs.