posted 7 years ago

What To Do After a Car Accident

Best not follow my neighbour's example if you have a car accident.

Best not follow my neighbour's example if you have a car accident. She blamed her 'stars', pretended to faint, then flooded the road with crocodile tears. Fortunately, Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has some tips for coping with crashes. These are:

- Be aware of the risk from passing traffic. Look for a safe place to stop to exchange details if you can, especially if no one has been injured.

- Turn your engine off and put your hazard lights on to warn other drivers.

- Swap details as quickly and calmly as possible then clear the road to prevent causing delays.

- Give your name, address, registration, car make, model, colour and insurance company details to the driver(s) involved. Make sure you get these details from them.

- Take photographs if possible.

- You don’t have to call the police unless someone is injured or if there is an accusation of dangerous driving.

- Report the incident to your insurers as soon as you can.

Mr Elstow said: “The reality is nobody wants to think about having a car accident. But it’s important to be prepared in case you are involved in one. And if it happens, try not to get angry or upset.”

If there is no witness then write down the incident and both of you sign it; since in the absence of a witness insurance companies to like pass off the incident as a 50/50 situation. You lose.

It is NOT an accident. It's a COLLISION! If one adhusts their speed in relation to the POSSIBILITY of a collision and leaves adequate space too, we's reduce the cost of unnecessary damage in the UK by at least £35 billion annually! If then an aeroplane wing falls out of the sky and damages your car; now THAT'S an accident.

Thanks for calling it an accident - despite what the pc lobby think most bumps are accidents unless the driver was deliberately trying to cause a crash and then that's a serious criminal offence!