posted 7 years ago

Whiplash injuries raise Insurance Premiums

A report from the House of Commons Transport Committee states that the increase in claims for whiplash injury is the main cause of the rise in motor insurance premiums.

A report from the House of Commons Transport Committee states that the increase in claims for whiplash injury is the main cause of the rise in motor insurance premiums. Launching the report, committee chairman Louise Ellman said “whiplash claims were very costly for insurers to challenge and this was a type of injury ‘where diagnosis is often subjective.”

The report said that the rise in personal injury claims, most of which were for whiplash injuries, was "the main reason for the rise in premiums". It added "it is difficult to diagnose whiplash objectively and this has deterred insurers from defending claims in court. The report recommends that the bar should be raised when receiving compensation for whiplash cases. It is thought that if this resulted in a significant fall there would be a strong case to consider primary legislation to require objective evidence of a whiplash injury, or of the injury having a significant effect on the claimant's life, before compensation is paid.


The only surprise here, is how long it takes the numpty MPs to realise what the rest have known for several years..........or maybe its not much of a surprise, on second thoughts!

After a minor shunt, I received lots of unsolicited phone calls asking if I wanted to claim for injury. The implication was, "You were hit from behind, you are entitled to claim". It was a minor incident, not my fault, the insurance parties are still arguing, apparently taking some aspect to the High Court 6 months later. This is the result of general greed and dishonesty in our society. No wonder premiums increases are crazy. The whole system needs investigation and overhaul.

nearly everyone has jumped on that band wagon its about time it was made harder to make a false claim. something needs doing to restrict these claims soliceters who encourage false claims

This report released by the government is a complete load of rubbish. I am an Insurance Motor Claims Assessor/Negotiator of sum 25 years experience in the United Kingdom and in Australia. I have dealt with many claims for personal injury and those related to whiplash Injuries. I can say now that this is not the sole cause of the increase in insurance premiums at all. Yes it plays a bearing on increases in premiums but this is why we all have insurance so that we are all safeguarded against such eventualities. There are far more claims that have not been mentioned that take up a greater sum of money than simple whiplash claims. These are made up of Credit hire charges. referral fees and the wasted money borne by insurance companies who have massive backlogs of claims and ongoing credit hire charges caused by the delays in insurers acting on claims. The back logs of claims caused are due to there being insufficient staff to handle the volumes of claims and poor management within the companies. This is the real cause of increased premiums as the insurers losses from meeting soring costs from claims handling delays are clawed back by continual price hikes in premiums. This situation cannot continue to escalate and the Government need to step in now to resolve these issues because I can see a massive collapse in the industry taking place in the next 5-10 years if not sooner. Sadly the ABI Association of British Insurers have missed the issues here and they need to take more notice and act as well.

I know two people who claimed for whiplash injuries. The husband was supposed to attend treatment for six weeks, but never turned up once. These people should be prosecuted and fined double then that should go back to the insurance company.

As a new driver, 1 year in March, I feel the pain of motor insurance, why should I be screwed over with £1500 per year insurance because of the Great British claim culture? Not happy!

yes its true that too many people falselly doing this all the time fraudsters as this is easy way to claim money as no proof

its about time too there should be more proof of injury, why should i pay for all the frauldulant claims.