posted 4 years ago

White is the top colour for UK car buyers

Most popular colour for 2014

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that ‘white’ was the most popular colour for new cars registered last year. In 2010, white cars accounted for just under 10% of new car registrations, making it the sixth most popular car colour, with black and silver cars the best-selling. In 2005, less than 1% of the UK’s new car buyers chose white. Twenty five years ago it was almost unheard of to purchase a white car, generally white cars were fleet cars and were not considered a choice when purchasing a new car.

Demand for a white car grew quite dramatically from 2008 to 2012 with the number of white cars registered growing from 1.1% in 2007 to a massive 20.9% in 2012.  Last year, black cars took second place followed by grey, taking 19% and 14% of the market respectively. Surprisingly silver the second most popular colour in 2010 with almost a quarter of registrations has now slipped to sixth place, accounting for 13% of the total new car market.

It is of course personal choice whatever colour car you purchase but a valuable lesson for all motorists is, when you’re choosing the colour of your new car consider how it will look to prospective buyers when you come to sell it as a used car. Of course, it works the other way too, for the used car buyer there are real bargains to be had if you pick a less popular colour because most of the depreciation has already occurred and you could save serious cash.


White soon looks dirty,best colour silver never looks dirty

Hi John, what car manufacturer do you use? Every black car I have ever bought cost extra! The main question is when will the manufacturers' start charging extra for "basic" white? There are already many different versions of white that cost extra and car manufacturers' are never slow at up the price!

I would go for white,as black magnifies swirl marks.

Obviously Black and White cars will top the list as they do not cost extra.Other colours cost £400/£600 more.