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Why do we continue to ‘Text and Drive’ ?

Distraction is deadly when driving

With the exception of calls to the emergency services, using a mobile phone while driving was officially banned in the UK in 2003. The Highway Code states that while hands-free sets are legal, drivers can still face penalties starting with three licence points and a £100 fine "if the police think you're distracted”.  Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of "using a phone at the wheel increases the risk of a crash by four times, sadly, despite legislation which makes it illegal to do so, many people still use a mobile phone whilst driving.”

The facts reveal your are  four times more likely to crash if you use a mobile phone while driving, reaction times for drivers using a phone are around 50% slower than normal driving and even careful drivers can be distracted by a call or text and a split-second lapse in concentration could result in a crash. Which is exactly what caused the death of a 32 year old woman from North Carolina in the US who lost her life last week after slamming her car head on into a truck while posting selfies and a Facebook update about how happy she was while listening to a Pharrell song. Authorities said the post, visible only to her friends, was made at 8.33 a.m., the first 911 call received about the crash was one minute later. In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy.

In 2012 a helpless mother-to-be was forced to listen to her partner die in a car crash as he spoke to her from his mobile phone while driving. Tan Lan, who was pregnant with the couple's first child, said Kok Sek Ng was travelling home after his late shift as a restaurant manager when he swerved into a tree. There was a moment's silence, and then a terrified Miss Lan could hear the sound of deep breathing and crackling, 'I heard what sounded as though he was crying and a noise as though he was in pain,' she said. Miss Lan called out her partner's name, but there was no reply. The 35-year-old had crashed his Honda Accord into an embankment and a tree off the A483 at Rossett near Wrexham. 

So even though texting and calling on your mobile phone is illegal motorists still continue to do so, 

Brian Singer from San Francisco has decided to take pictures of any culprits texting and driving and posts the photos on his website, named ’TWIT Spotting’  the TWIT also stands for texting while in traffic! TWIT Spotting started when Brian realised that there was a huge number of people on his daily commute staring at a tiny screen instead of staring at the road while they are operating a two-ton killing machine also known as a ‘car’. He said “ I’ve been blown away by the number of people texting while in traffic on the freeway, for every nose picker there is twenty texters, unofficial estimation by me.”


Let's stop pussyfooting! Forget piddling fines and driving bans - prison for a few months is the only punishment that will make these idiots sit up and take notice.

Thanks for sharing this Michael. I have forwarded on to my two daughters, now there are just the other tens of millions who need to watch that through. I think the trouble is that those which text and phone while driving clearly think they are clever enough to avoid anything like this happening to them. The ONLY way to prevent his happening is for everyone to understand the consequences of you being caught doing this are severe. £90 and 3 points just doesn't do it. I was watching one of those Road Wars things only last night and one of the comments was that texting while driving resulted in a similar loss of concentration and driving ability to be 25% over the drink drive limit, and that is why there should be an instant 12 month ban, as a minimum!

If anyone thinks that it is acceptable to... TEXT or PHONE while Driving... Please Click The Link Below...

i support an instant ban for using a mobile while driving, but it'll never happen because the government know repeat offenders mean repeat income. that's why the fine went up, but not the points.

If I am on the motorway, with my car in top gear, I only need one hand to keep my car travelling in a straight line. So, what is the problem with my using my other hand to hold a mobile phone? Simple! It's not the handset that's the problem, it's the conversation. The lawmakers got it wrong back in 2003, and it is long past time for them to step up and correct their mistake! So long as there is any way for the use of mobile communications devices while driving to be OK somehow, people will continue to justify to themselves using them whilst driving. Law defines culture. It is incumbent on us to engender in our cultural mindset that talking (or texting) while is not OK, by banning *all* usage of communications devices, hands free or otherwise, whilst driving. Clearly here have to be exceptions. Emergency calls clearly have to be exempt. Certain business users, such as taxi drivers, would also need to be exempted from a ban, however these users should receive training on the safe use of devices, the calls should be restricted to essential business only, and the vehicles in which the equipment is being used should carry an advisory sticker, to alert other road users that the driver might be using a communications device. Most of the things people perceive nowadays as "emergencies" aren't. The only emergency calls are to 999, and the only people who need to use communications equipment because of an emergency are those who work for the emergency services. Let's get real, and remind ourselves of the real meaning of emergency. A total ban would also send the message loud and clear to everyone that if someone is driving, don't try to call them. A total ban is a leveller. If you are missing out on an important phone call because you are behind the wheel, you can be sure your competition is too. A total ban will make people stop and think. Is that call so urgent that I can't pull off the road first? Is there any really compelling reason why whatever the issue is cannot wait? Can I call the person at home or at the office and leave a message? Will the world end if I get home 15 minutes later because I stopped to make a phone call? If you are so busy or so important that your phone calls cannot wait while you are on the road, you need a chauffeur! And if you are caught using a mobile communications device while behind the wheel, six points on your licence should be enough to get your attention.

Actually, having now visited the said web site it turns out Brian is a passenger. Sorry for doubting you Brian !

I don't suppose Brian Singer from Frisco was driving when he took pictures of the TWITs was he !

I have Bluetooth in my car but even that does distract so I only use it answer by saying I will call you back and whilst stationary do that. Anyone texting should have the keys removed from the vehicle and put down a very deep hole. Stupidity is not even close.

see them (:

Totally agree with AJ AJ. Minimum 12 month ban. More if the police film you swerving. I wee it every day on the M6. I give a long hard blast on the horn as I get alongside and watch them throw their phone down. I regularly see lorries swerving from lane 1 onto the hard shoulder and every time the driver is either texting or reading. Fine THEM £5,000 and ban them from ever holding an HGV licence again. Professional drivers? Really?

I thought the fine was now £90? Still not high enough in my opinion. 1 year ban and a retest would stop this overnight!

Slight distraction in writing that first paragraph I think?