posted 4 years ago

Why We Love The Subaru Forester

Subaru’s Understated Motor Is One Of The Most Capable On The Road

The Subaru Forester is tremendously capable and has something for everyone. 

Drivers that venture off road – or have to plough through adverse weather such as snow – benefit from this sports-utility vehicle's 4-wheel drive system and high ground clearance.

Models with automatic transmission also have the “X-Mode” system that helps tackle off road obstacles.

Its purpose is to dampen the response of the throttle, increase the sensitivity of the traction control, and optimise the set-up of the gearbox.

These models also have a hill decent function that stops them picking up too much speed on gradients. 

The Forester demonstrated its strengths to claim the 4x4 Magazine “Mid Range SUV of the Year 2014” title.

The magazine's editor, Nigel Fryatt, said that it has “good for its class approach and departure angles” (for driving over uneven terrain). He also praised X-Mode.

Something For Families

The Subaru Forester has room for a family too. It has 5 seats, a spacious cabin and 505-litre boot. Depending on the trim , folding the rear seats flat increases cargo capacity to 1,564 or 1,577-litres. Such figures are comparable to a small family class estate. 

Furthermore, the family is protected by strong body shell, electric stability programme that makes cornering safer, and a seatbelt reminder system for every position. These – combined with other features - helped it claim Euro NCAP's maximum 5 star safety rating. 

Something For Speed Lovers

In top of the range form, this sports-utility vehicle is powerful. The 2.0i XT Petrol Turbo has 240PS, 350Nm of torque and hits 62mph in 7.5 seconds. So, it might not look fast – but it is. This engine sits alongside auto transmission which incorporates manual mode.

Something For Fuel Savers

The Forester 2.0i D X trim averages 49.6mpg, returns 57.6mpg on the extra-urban cycle, and manages 40.4mpg in town. Some petrol superminis have similar consumption figures. 

2.0i D X carbon emissions are 150g/km, which equates to Road Tax Band F/£145. 

Something For Reliability Lovers

Subaru reliability is bulletproof and there is a low recall rate (to fix manufacturing and design faults). Furthermore, this 4th generation Forester – that was launched in the United Kingdom in May 2013 – inherited proven mechanical parts from its predecessor. Manufacturer confidence is emphasised by the 5 year, 100,000 mile, Limited Warranty. 

Something For New And Used Buyers

New Forester prices range from £24,995 to £30,995.

In contrast, used examples from 2013 start at about £18,000 at a main dealer.

Privately owned cars start at about £17,000.