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Win a Mercedes-Benz C-Class worth £20,000

Mercedes-Benz Retail used cars are giving you the chance to win a stylish C-Class worth £20,000.

Mercedes-Benz Retail used cars are giving you the chance to win a stylish C-Class worth £20,000. All you have to is, simply guess the registration, fill in the form and hand to a member of the Mercedes-Benz Retail staff.

Mercedes-Benz Retail have many cars to suit every need and every budget with over 2,000 Approved Used cars in group stock. All Mercedes-Benz approved Used cars have been price checked and quality approved, by specialist Mercedes technicians. Also when you buy a Approved Used Mercedes-Benz, you will receive complimentary accident management service and 7 days complimentary motor insurance, subject to Mercedes-Benz Terms and Conditions.

Mercedes -all instruments of quality.

yes please!!

its to good job if i seek this oppertunity thanks for this award i hope shall i win this car

What better way to relax,relate ,communicate a driving experience.

i would like to win this car for my dad

Premier style. Truly personified.

Ohh,i love this beauty! Mercedes C-Class is my type of car!

I will look the best in Inverness if I win this baby!

Terrific car I would love to drive

Fantastic car!

what a car all the looks that some guys wish there girl had a real head turner.

"Simply guess the registration" bad marketing there guys, simple is the work that springs to mind...

This C Class puts the looks of my old S Class to shame!!!

The Ultimate Drivers Car, A Mercedes sets the Bar.

please please let me win one of these wonderful cars

Sleek, Suberb, Stylish and elegant Mercedes is Mercedes, unbeatable either in looks or in performance.

Itlooks not only stylish but also sleek, superb and elegant with added unbeatable performance of Mercedes Benz. One has to drive and see to experince that.

Will make my day to surprise my partner with this car

I agree with Bruce's comments

I used to own a C200K 2007 model a while ago, it has been the best car i had owned to date and i regret ever selling it and i cant wait till i have had enough of my current car and i will surely be buying the new C class and i especially love the new facelift looks much more pleasing to the eye and this time i will be going for a slightly higher end C class models with abit more power. Thank you

Very Nice Car catching up to CLS - worth having it. Vernon Dias.

i want to win

too good to be true? then it is too good to be true..

Mercedes-Benz are the best cars in the world.

I am in China until July, it woulo come back to a new car after 2 years abroad.d be lovely t

Its easy!! BOG OF.


i need a car badly

Only merc worth having is the AMG 6.3L the rest heap of diesel crap

This is one of the best cars in the world is economically dynamic and ciych, also has an irreplaceable stylistykę.poprostu great car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a beautiful car and a car to be proud of

c for class a dream car

i would love this car

mercedes class!! I will be the one with class when im driving around cheltenham.