posted 5 years ago

Win Mazda Test Drive In USA, Norway, Italy

Win Mazda Unconventional Test Drive

Yes, really! Mazda has invited motorists to “take control” of a robotic arm to win three “unconventional test drives”. The first incorporates a five day trip to Los Angeles to pilot a Mazda6 on LA's Dry Riverbed. And what better car for the job? The Mazda6, after all, is a large family workhorse that has sharper handling than most of its competitors. It looks more striking too. The winner will then cruise along Sunset Boulevard and take a shopping trip to Rodeo Drive. The prize also includes flights between London and California plus a four night stay in a hotel. Good stuff. Test drive two, in contrast, is a four day trip to Norway during which the winner will guide a Mazda CX-5 through the famous Atlantic Road that passes spectacular scenery such as fjords. The package also includes flights, breakfast/dinner, and three nights accommodation. Once the winner is snuggled-up in the hotel, he/she can reflect on the CX-5's comfortable ride, chunky styling, and rock-solid build. Test drive three is a five day trip to Italy to pilot a Mazda MX-5 through Stelvio Pass, take in the striking views at Lake Como, and enjoy hours of fine dining. This thrilling trip – which will be enhanced by the legendary roadster's tremendous handling – also includes wine tasting at the Osteria Francescana Restaurant.

How To Win A Mazda Unconventional Test Drive

Yes, really! To win an unconventional test drive a motorist must first visit the manufacturer's website to take-on the robotic arm. The next step is for the player to enter a name/e-mail and confirm that he/she is over twenty-five and has a full driving licence. The motorist is then told that the arm can be controlled via a computer's arrow keys, i.e. up to move forward and left to move left, etc. The player is then presented with a collection of spheres that sit on bright silver posts. He/she then has sixty seconds to move the robotic arm and grab a sphere by pressing the spacebar. But this is not as simple as it sounds as it is easy to knock them off their posts. Furthermore, each sphere has been painted with either the flag of The United States of America, Norway, or Italy so the player can choose the most enticing prize. Once a sphere has been grabbed the player enters more details and receives the winning entry code. And that is it. Yes, really!