posted 6 years ago

Win New Toyota Auris

Game: find oldest Toyota Carina E. Prize: new Toyota Auris for a week.

Game: find oldest Toyota Carina E. Prize: new Toyota Auris for a week. Reason: to celebrate the Burnaston Plant's twentieth anniversary. It was here, you see, that the first British-built Carina E rolled-off the production line and seventeen thousand 1992 to 1997 examples are still on the road. Toyota is therefore searching via social media for the “oldest surviving” vehicle in daily use. As such, the manufacturer is encouraging anyone who spots a Carina E to “let the owner know about the search”. Its factory of origin can be confirmed by the seventeen-digit vehicle identification plate. This is under the bonnet close to the windscreen wipers. UK-built cars start with “S” for Burnaston rather than “J” for Japan. Owners of the oldest surviving vehicles will have the chance to tell their cars' stories, have them photographed, and win the use of a new Auris for a week. Sounds fun?

The new Toyota Auris is a small family rivalling the Ford Focus. Strengths its include striking styling, five-door practicality, fuel efficient engines, and generous specification. As such even the basic trim has climate control, seven air-bags, and vehicle stability control and the top-spec adds front/rear parking sensors, automatically folding door mirrors, and cruise control. That brings us to an important issue – build quality. Toyota tend to produce reliable cars but it has recently received negative publicity regarding its recalls. These happen to almost every manufacturer so it would be pity if they detract from the new Auris. It should, after all, be more reliable than many of its competitors - much like the old Carina.