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Women Not Charged More For Car Repairs Despite Media Claims

Women not charged more than men for car repairs despite recent claims in the media, argues.

Women Charged More Than Men For Car Repairs

A survey that claimed a woman is typically charged more for a car repair (see here) recently made national news but it only told part of the story, research suggested. It involved mystery shoppers – a male and female – who asked 182 garages in 10 cities for a quote to replace the clutch on a Ford Focus. On average, the woman was quoted £616 compared to £571 (+£45/8%). This female premium was found in 8 out of 10 cities. Garages in Birmingham, on average, charged the highest female premium at 31%. It was followed by Manchester (28%), Glasgow (20%), London (18%) and Cardiff (12%). 

Men Charged More Than Women For Car Repairs

But - a company that enables a motorist to request a quote online from local specialists - suggested that a woman is typically charged less than her male counterpart. The average female quote was £208.34 compared to £232.89 (+10%). Unlike the previous mystery shopper survey quotes incorporated a wide range of cars rather than a Ford Focus specifically. They also related to countless components – rather than a clutch only – including transmissions, engines, cooling systems and body repairs.

The results make interesting reading. A male, for example, was on average quoted £405.09 for a clutch or transmission repair compared to £373.31. A woman was, on average, quoted £165.45 for a MOT/service rather than £180.29 - and a brake or exhaust repair for a female averaged £148.55 rather than £169.21. The results include:

Repair Category

Average Male Quote

Average Female Quote

Clutch and transmission



Servicing and MOT



Engine and cooling



Brakes and exhaust



Electrical and battery






Tyres, wheels and tracking






Steering and suspension



Air-con, heating and cooling



Security, locking and keys






Interior, audio and navigation



Breakdown and recovery



Mobile mechanics



Other services



Not sure how to define



Average quote



Male Female Car Repair Price Discrepancy Explained

The discrepancy could be explained by a theory, hints. According to its research a woman is more likely than a man to have a small, relatively straightforward, car such as the Ford Ka or Ford Fiesta. It claims these city and supermini class vehicles are “1.5x - 2x more popular” among women. Men, in contrast, are “2x more likely” to have a larger saloon such as the BMW 3 Series which tend to be more expensive to repair and service.