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World Premiere of all-new Jaguar XE

Latest addition to sports saloon family

The world premiere of the all new Jaguar XE will be held in London on September 8th.This latest addition to Jaguar’s sports saloon family boasts class leading dynamics, refinement and technology. 

The Jaguar XE is built around an all-new, aluminium-intensive architecture, the XE combines thrilling performance, agile handling and precise, responsive steering, with outstanding levels of refinement. Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, said “Jaguars have always been renowned for a balance of precise handling and a high-quality ride. The XE is the culmination of everything the company has learned over the years. The Integral Link rear suspension provides a combination of supple ride and crisp handling that is unmatched in this segment. We are on target to deliver a vehicle that dynamically outperforms our rivals.”

Front suspension based on F-TYPE sportscar

Mounted to a subframe with cast aluminium suspension towers, the XE’s double wishbone front suspension delivers the highest levels of handling and road holding. The advanced design is based on Jaguar’s flagship F-TYPE sportscar and includes some key components designed to deliver Jaguar XFR-levels of stiffness. These ensure the XE enjoys a similar level of agility and ‘connected’ steering feel. Like the rear suspension, many components are made from cast and forged aluminium and some are produced using a patented process. 

State-of-the-art electric power steering system 

Jaguar is renowned for its steering feel and this will now move to the next level as the Jaguar XE becomes the first Jaguar to be equipped with the latest generation Electric Power Assisted Steering. The latest software algorithms now allow much greater scope for tuning than hydraulic-based systems and deliver better quality steering feel. Other benefits include variable steering damping, ease of low-speed manoeuvring and the ability to adapt to Jaguar Drive Control settings. EPAS also enables a range of Active Safety and Driver Aid features.

Jaguar has also developed All Surface Progress Control, a completely new feature in its class. Developed with the input of decades of Jaguar Land Rover experience in off-road traction systems, ASPC can electronically gain traction with far less drama than a human driver can achieve. The system works like a low-speed cruise control to deliver optimum traction in the most slippery conditions without skidding and without the driver using the pedals.


Stop believing all that is written in German controlled car magazines and take in what will become another great car in the Jaguar mold not just another same dead-pan VW/Audi?BMW/Mercedes.

Jaguar are simply tapping into a market that they do not compete in. Its that simple. I have seen one in flesh & I agree its not my cuppa tea. But like most german cars (BMW's & Audi's), you are hard pressed to tell the difference fron the front. Think of it as baby XF and that's what it is.

sad really,its a volvo/ford,lookalike,JAGS are about style and power,this has no CAR,isma.

People saying they haven't seen a Jag this bland in years. Can't any of you remember the dreadful X or S types from just a couple of years ago. Jag are making HUGE leaps forward in the car industry and are setting high standards for the rest of the world to follow. Instead of moaning, maybe people should be proud of the achievements from a British manufacturer!

Not the first choice for robbing a bank but maybe you would get away by blending in!

I believe if you have nothing better to say, say nothing at all. Jaguar clearly are making massive leaps to improve their product range and it is by far better than the Fuddy Duddy days of the old XJ's, X Type and S Type - only driven by old people!! Fair play Jaguar and enjoy the future you deserve the rewards for your efforts!

Hmm, a few people showing their age me thinks... I'd much rather have a thriving slightly bland British success story which appeals to the masses than a 'unique' and 'exciting' basket case. There is nothing more bland than a Golf GTI or a Xerox copy Porsche and yet they are seen as class leaders. Never mind, there's always Morgan or an 'exciting' Lotus for you lads - they're just about hanging on in there and if you're quick it might even be considered to be up to date - well the Lotus maybe, Morgan makes its living by deliberately being out of date.

as a jag lover l have to say jaguar have now entered the mass market of boring,same same cars,they may still have the 'pace & space' but have lost the grace, nothing exciting anymore.

I cant remember ever seeing a Jaguar quite as bland and as unexciting as this one. Definitely not cutting edge.

Move along please, nothing to see here!

Bland is the word, my10 year old s-type is far more attractive.

It doesn't look at all exciting, in fact it is very bland, just like the XF saloon. Cars should look like motorcycles do, as if they are doing 100mph when standing still.

Neat Family Sport Saloon Just what the Doctor ordered I will certainly the top range model

Looks like a BMW 3 series with a Jag front end.

I think Phil Walsh should of gone to specsavers!!

Oh dear, how bland does that look? Answer: very.

I want one please!

NO! A Jag should only be made in British Racing Green :-).

i want one. blue will do nicely. please add racing french blue to the free colours list, and ivory leather, then i will add a big sunroof to make the perfect mix. Cant wait! anybody want my minter x-type? in gold with ivory and s/R ??

The suspence is killing me how about a bit more info price when available etc