posted 2 years ago

World's First Car For Five To Ten Year Old Kids

Specification and safety benefits of the new, electric, car that enables very young kids to get behind the wheel.

Firefly electric car not simply a toy

The Firefly is the world's first, electric, car for five to ten year old kids and “handles and drives” like a full-size counterpart, Young Driver Motor Cars Limited said. However, the manufacturer explained that its open top vehicle – which is large enough to carry a child and a six foot adult – is not simply a toy.

Young Driver Motor Cars Limited is a division of Young Driver; a company that provides practical, legal, driving lessons for those aged less than seventeen. It works on the premise that it is better to learn over a longer period than is typical. It is hoped this encourages a safe attitude that pays off once kids reach seventeen.

Inspiration & Junior and Experienced Mode

The company has a fleet of real cars for older children, but concluded there was nothing for those age five to ten. Its Firefly fills this gap and has two modes. Junior Mode limits the maximum speed to five miles per-hour and optional sensors ensure it automatically stops if a child is likely to hit (say) a park bench.

Experienced Mode increases the maximum velocity to ten miles per-hour, then switches-off the sensors that bring it to a halt. Furthermore, the car can – in either setting – be stopped by an adult via remote control if the child is dangerous, careless or disobedient. Maximum range is around one-hundred and twenty metres.

Furthermore, Firefly brakes, throttle and forward and reverse controls operate via hydraulics. Such systems complement the: independent suspension, adjustable driver seat, fixed passenger seat, indicators, LED head/tail lights, twin electric motors and the nine-hour continual runtime (up to). The speed, time, and power reserve are confirmed by a tablet-style interface on the dashboard. 


There are options for personalisation too. Highlights include: bespoke paint colours, leather seats, leather steering wheel, wireless tyre pressure monitor, in-car audio, carbon fibre body and the “individual” badges and instruments, the manufacturer revealed.

Manufacturer “delighted” by vehicle

Kim Stanton, Head of Young Driver, said: “We are delighted to be officially launching Young Driver Motor Car’s first electric car aimed at five to ten year olds. It has taken over a year to come together.”

She added: “Youngsters will enjoy driving it and that through this they will learn about road safety, find out about the basics of driving, and gain a better understanding of how it feels to be behind the wheel. That can only be of benefit when it comes to them being pedestrians, cyclists and future motorists out on the roads.”