posted 5 years ago

World's First Talking Parking Ticket

Naughty motorists can now be “told-off” by the world's first talking parking ticket

Naughty motorists can now be “told-off” by the world's first talking parking ticket – so best behave. This mother-like device – which is available in the United Kingdom via a company called FlashPark – best serves private land owners who want to discourage drivers from parking without permission. This is reasonable as property owners are not obliged to allow the public access to their land (generally). A motorist can therefore now return to his/her vehicle to find a yellow sticker on the windscreen. This resembles a traditional penalty notice but is distinguished by the phrase “audio parking notice enclosed”, the speaker symbol, and the red “play” button. The driver then presses the button to receive the telling-off. In theory, the offender then sheepishly retreats and promises to be better behaved in the future. Whereas this process might irritate the motorist, it is at least the end of the matter as there is no fine associated with the ticket.

Talking Parking Ticket Chief Discusses Product

FlashPark’s Head of Business Development, Costas Constantino, said, “the ticket is the latest addition to the company’s range of low cost and motorist-friendly parking solutions.” He added: “The company’s constant search for innovation in parking enforcement measures since the introduction of the wheel-clamping ban has seen them become a UK leader in landlord self-regulation and a popular option for those struggling with parking enforcement on private property. FlashPark solves 87.6% of parking problems without having to resort to the use of issuing tickets - but our business is a constantly developing formula and is filling the vacuum created by the wheel clamping.”

Talking Parking Ticket Message

The talking parking ticket's thirty-second message can be customised by the land owner to suit the circumstances. It can therefore be either friendly/polite or forceful. For example: “Dear motorist, this vehicle is parked on private property where parking regulations are in force. A photograph has been taken as evidence and your number plate recorded. We reserve the right to contact the DVLA for the registered keeper details if you park here again. Please ensure in future you have permission to park. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter”. Either that or … “get off my land before my dog gets hungry”. Furthermore, the next generation talking parking ticket will allow the offender to record a response for the land owner – but presumably this will not be sent to market until someone perfects the automatic expletive beeper. What a strange world.