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World's Most Expensive Fuel

Rejoice! The world's most expensive unleaded fuel is 'not' sold in the United Kingdom.

Rejoice! The world's most expensive unleaded fuel is 'not' sold in the United Kingdom. So let's relax, thank our lucky stars, and spare a thought for our long-suffering foreign neighbours. When Londoners, for example, paid £1.35 per-litre in January 2011 – their equivalents in Amsterdam were paying £1.36. This included an alarming 44% government duty plus 16% VAT. That must have stressed-out even the most relaxed Dutchman.

Motorists might have thought that popping to Brussels could save them money, but the price there was a wallet-wrecking £1.39 per-litre. It was the same horrifying sum in Stockholm. However, that sounds 'cheap as chips' compared to Copenhagen. Here Danish dudes bitterly coughed-up £1.43 per-litre. Gotta sell plenty of pastries to run a car in Denmark. Monaco, at £1.44, was even more expensive but the locals could afford it.

Now, please sit down and prepare for a shock. Residents of Oslo paid a teeth shattering £1.58 per-litre in January. Remind me never to drive through Norway. Prices were even more crippling in Asmara, as African motorists paid a virtually unbelievable £1.64 per-litre. Perhaps it would be cheaper to feed our vehicles with liquid gold. One thing is certain, even my local petrol station is cheap in comparison – and that place is Greed Central.

Surprising as it may seem Turkey has usually been the most expensive country in which to buy motor fuel by the litre. Although the cost of living is around a third of that in the UK (excluding motor fuel).

Don't th8ink I will bother rejoicing because I actually live in the UK on the Isle of Tiree where we are currently paying in excess of £1.60 per litre


£0.59 where I live !!!!

Where is Asmara?