posted 10 years ago

Worldwide record sales for Skoda in 2009

Skoda achieved a worldwide sales record last year

Skoda achieved a worldwide sales record last year and the UK also experienced a record year selling 37,200 cars. The best selling Skoda was the Skoda Fabia which thanks to the successful UK scrappage scheme sold 18,500 units.

The Skoda Fabia 1.2 is offered with two 1.2-litre petrol engines. There is a 60bhp 6-valve unit or a 70bhp 12-valve engine that is probably the preferred option. Where the 60bhp unit struggles when the car is loaded, the 70bhp has enough about it to carry the day. It will achieve 60mph in 14.4 seconds and hit a top speed of 102mph. The Skoda Fabia 1.2-litre 16v model manages to return a figure in the region of 48mpg on the combined cycle which is something many small diesels would be proud of.

The Skoda Octavia followed with 13,800 and the Skoda Superb sold 2600 and the newly launched Skoda Yeti sold 700 units. The Skoda Octavia is comfortable and easy to drive it has a spacious interior and most versions are cheap to buy and to run. There are six engines available including two 2.0 litre turbodiesels. The Skoda Octavia petrol engines are smooth and quiet.

The Skoda Yeti was also named Best Family Car in the 2009 Top Gear Awards and the new Škoda Superb Estate is Top Gear’s Best Luxury Car 2009.

Skoda are offering a total 'happy scrapping' discount of at least £2,500. This saving includes £1,000 from the Government incentive and a whooping £1,500 happy scrapping discount from Skoda.