posted 5 years ago

Worst Car Books Ever

Great reads if you’re into that kind of thing

If you have a quick look around the internet there are plenty of very interesting motoring books, some about formula 1, others about the fastest ever cars. But as well as having all these amazing books, there are some equally as bad ones out there which sound incredibly boring, but would make great secret Santa presents. Here are some of our favourites.

Roundabouts of Great Britain Have you ever wondered what some of the most impressive or confusing roundabouts in the country are? No? Thought so! But wonder no more, this book shows you 80 of the best roundabouts in Great Britain as chosen by the author, someone who clearly has a lot of spare time on his hands.

Parking Mad – car parks from Heaven (or Hell) If roundabouts aren’t your thing, then how about a book about car parks? Written by the same person who wrote the roundabouts book, this one highlights the best and worst car parks up and down the country. According to the blurb he is aiming to do to car parks, what Jamie Oliver did to school dinners. Alright then….

Sign Language: Travels in Unfortunate English This is one of the better books in the list. It is almost a certainty that every driver at some point will have seen a road sign that made them chuckle. It might have been the town called Wetwang in Yorkshire or a ‘parking for fish sign’. It is not just road signs that are included in this book, but also menu’s, shopping and hotel signs too.

Crap Cars This is a book written by Top Gear so you know it’s bound to be good. The book lists cars which look bad as well as those which were terrible mechanically too. And as you would expect from Top Gear it is brimming with sarcastic comments.

The Motorway Achievement: Building the Network in Southern and Eastern England Most motorists will spend hours on the motorway every week for the daily commute. This book shows you how they were built, not that it will make you feel any better about sitting in a 10 mile tail back on the motorway whilst you’re trying to get to work. Don’t worry if you’re not frequently in the south or east, there is a book about the motorways for every area of the country.