posted 6 years ago

Worst Colours For Cars

Ewww! The worst colours for cars make my stomach churn like a top-of-the-range washing machine

Ewww! The worst colours for cars make my stomach churn like a top-of-the-range washing machine. Bright pink, for starters, as spotted on Katie Price's Range Rover. Now, I have nothing against Katie and she can spend her money how she chooses – but her 4x4 is only a few yellow dots away from looking like Mr Blobby. Britain's most famous model also has a bright pink horse box, which must thrill everyone who drives it. That brings us to the Volkswagen Golf Harlequin. This hatchback makes Katie's Range Rover look restrained. Why? Because every panel is a different colour. Mercifully, it is thought that only two-hundred and sixty-four were produced in the nineties and very few have made it to the UK.

But who cares if some motorists want to cruise around in a multi-coloured bubble – what harm? The problem is that the worst colours can reduce car values and make selling harder than a lump of diamond. If pink, for example, was loved by the masses it would be everywhere. It is not. According to British Car Auctions, in fact, colours such as silver, black, blue, and grey were their best sellers in January 2012. So, before painting your car glow in the dark yellow remember that one day you will want to sell it. This is a lesson my friend is learning the hard way. She specified a revolting colour for her Fiesta, then glued large black dots and 'eye lashes' over its headlights. It has been on the market six months.

My friend has an issue with taste and finance – but what about safety? Logically, the more visible a car the less likely someone will plough into its boot. Think about a dreary rainy day with poor visibility. Are motorists more likely to see a grey Toyota Land Cruiser or Katie Price's bright pink Range Rover? Oh dear. It appears that pink is both a terrible choice and sensible. As such, it is tricky to definitively say which are the 'worst' colours for cars. As a rule though - avoid anything excessively garish for easy resale, anything too dull if you want to be seen, and bright pink unless your name is 'Katie'. Only she can get away with it.


i once owned a lime green fiat strada, when i went to get some touch up paint at the dealership i asked for vomit green and the poker faced man behind the counter said "i think sir means kent green" but he knew what i meant

Pale gold is one of my most unliked colours. On a misty morning it seems to disappear plus it seems a bit dated like those old gold hifi separates or an 80s James Bond film.

Had a yellow car once,every time I parked near water it turned black , this was all the flies attracted to it.

Not the worst colours for cars, but manufacturers making drab colours and customers accepting it is the problem. Katie's pink Range Rover is fine and a respray can solve it but some pinks, yellows and multi-colour do look attractive but boring farts make it impossible to sell.