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Worst Speeders In England And Wales Hit 146mph

Safety Charity Reveals Worst Speeders By Police Region

A motorist was clocked at 146mph making him/her one of the most prolific speeders of 2014 in England and Wales, the Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed. The life threatening incident took place on the M25 – where the speed limit was 70mph – while the offender was travelling clockwise at Swanley. A second driver was recorded at the same speed travelling anti-clockwise by Junction 5.

The 140mph barrier was exceeded by other offenders too: 145mph on the M6 toll road (70mph limit), 141mph on the A1 Great Ponton Northbound Road (70mph limit) and 140mph on the A5 (60mph limit).

Institute Discusses Extreme Speeding

Institute of Advanced Motorists Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Sillars, said: “At speeds of 140mph, an individual is travelling at nearly two-and-a-half miles a minute. At that speed it is simply impossible to react to anything that might happen in front of you.”

She added: “It is also impossible to handle corners, gradients, street furniture and junctions with any effectiveness. In short, all these individuals are playing with their own lives and others – they are all accidents waiting to happen and it requires a major shift in the attitudes of these people to think about safety.”

128mph In 30mph Zone

Wales’ top speeder hit 136mph on the A5 in Conway where the limit was 60mph. Equally terrifying, a vehicle reached 128mph in a 30mph zone on London Road (East Grinstead). The highest figure in a 50mph zone was 120mph on the A631 Beckingham Road - and an offender hit 115mph on the A10 Great Cambridge Road in Cheshunt (40mph limit).

Sillars added: “It is disheartening to say the least that some road users are showing such disregard for the safety of all other road users – pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other drivers.”

Highest Speed Recorded By Police Area

The highest speeds recorded by police region were:

Location Speed (mph) Limit (mph)
Avon and Somerset Police M4 J20 – 19 Eastbound 138 70
Bedfordshire Police M1 J 13 & 12 Southbound 116 60
Cambridgeshire Constabulary A14 Eastbound 128 70
Cheshire Constabulary A556 Chester Road 128 70
City of London Upper Thames Street Stew Lane 86 30
Cumbria Constabulary M6 Todhills 136 70
Cleveland Police A171 99 50
Derbyshire Constabulary M1 Northbound, Tibshelf 110 50
Dorset Police A35 Tolpuddle Bypass eastbound 110 70
Durham Police A66 Galley Bank, Barnard Castle 111 70
Essex Police A127 Arterial Road Rayleigh 111 50
Gloucestershire Constabulary A417 Dartley Bottom 121 70
Greater Manchester Police A5103 Princess Rd, Manchester 104 excess speed (40mph)
Hampshire Constabulary A31 123 70
Hertfordshire Constabulary A10 Great Cambridge Rd, Cheshunt, Herts 115 40
Humberside Police A180 Great Coates 125 70
Kent Police M25 anti-clockwise Clacket Lane Services Jn 5 146 70
M25 clockwise Swanley 146 70
Lancashire Constabulary A683 Lancaster/Morecambe By-Pass, Heysham 115 60
Leicestershire Police M1 Southbound, Swinford 119 50
Lincolnshire Police A1 Great Ponton Northbound 141 70
Merseyside Police M62 112 50
Metropolitan Police Not revealed 123 30
Norfolk Constabulary A11 Ketteringham 120 70
Northamptonshire Police A5 Crick Eastern Verge 140 60
Northumbria Police A1 Western Bypass 103 50
North Wales Police A5 Ty Nant to Dinmael, Conwy 136 60
Nottinghamshire Police A631 Beckingham 120 50
South Wales Police M4 between J35 Pencoed and J34 Miskin 125 70
South Yorkshire Police M1 s bound J31 Woodhall Services 100 50
Suffolk Constabulary A140 Coddenham 119 50
Surrey Police A3 Burntcommon 127 70
Sussex Police London Road, East Grinstead 128 30
Thames Valley Police A4146 Leighton Buzzard to Bletchley Road 121 70
Warwickshire Police M6 Toll Gantry 1165b 145 70
West Mercia Police A41 Tern Hill towards Whitchurch 118 60
West Midlands Police M6 J5 to J8 106 50

George Frederick talks of cash cows. Does he belong to the "silly cow" brigade?If it were not for speed cameras the roads would be carnage and he at his age should understand that. And so should all the others who advocate such nonsense.

It doesn't matter that 21st century cars are capable of stopping in much shorter distances than mid 50's (or even later) cars. What matters is that they are driven by humans that haven't changed much in 30,000 years. The cars are faster and the brakes/tyres/suspension have been improved, but humans are no smarter than they were when they lived in caves. From some of the responses it seems that some still live there!

I have fitted a camera in my car which records the view ahead, time date, location. I have been overtaken by police cars going much faster than me at 70mph. If I send a copy of this photographic evidence to the police, what is then likely to happen?

By pulishing a 'speed table' you are encouraging the lunatic fringe into competition! Not a very bright idea.

1984 has long since gone, we now live in a police state. Why else would we have more Surveillance cameras than china, north korea and russia put together.

George you should give me your Ferrari and we'll show the Gestapo!

Well, well, the IAM interfering by "SS" (connotations here!)and why so many responses being moderated - never seen that many anywhere before! Freedom of speech also under threat? Speed doesn't kill, it's the looney behind the wheel and most slow for the camera then speed up..if the authorities were really interested in other that catching 'cash cows' why not use the money on silly things like cameras and put more police on the roads: a police car is a great deterent. Police used to use their discretion (and got co-operation and praise) but not now.....maybe next attack by IAM will be older drivers but as someone who has reached his eight zero my insures have no objection to my driving my Alfa Romeo or Ferrari but must be those detectors which keep me out of trouble! The UK is now gestapo land prompted by the vocal minority of do goodeers. Will this be 'moderated?'

Should we not perhaps follow the French and have speed limits of 80mph in the dry and 65mph in the wet. I have been caught for speeding at 46mph in a 40mph zone on a motorway. This was not roadworks, just your normal motorway with 130mph bends but with a 40mph before a bridge and a speed camera hidden behind it. Thank you East Lothian.

one speeding car is a one off, its bad but we should be looking at the overall speed of the vehicles, many roads still hold unrealistic limits and should be reassessd, as a previous writer says, if we continue to set limits for 1950 s cars,braking distances and so forth, drivers will not abide by the limits

I was told once by a couply motorcycle police officers that there is a time and place for everything. It's not just the speed that kills, its where and when the speed is done. The Speed limits on our roads is not set for the year we live in. Cars and bikes are able to stop faster and safer than the cars of 50+ years ago. The idea of variable speed limits is a good one. But needs to be set for the modern cars we use. But because there are these limits, everyone should be dealt with the same no matter of there skill or the job they do. the rules and laws are there for everyone.

As long as the traffic authorities continue to believe a 1950s Ford Prefect is safe at the same maximum speed as a modern high powered sports car( with state of the art brakes and suspension- not 65 year old drum brakes and Macpherson struts-) drivers will assume they are stupid and ignore them.

Context? So how was the speed recorded? By a Police car chasing? If so is that not reckles by the Police? Or is that OK? On a quiet morning it's safe to do 160mph on some roads, if not we need ban the majority of motor sport. Why would you get a ban for doing 146 on an empty motorway between junctions and get off with a training event for going past a crowded school at 39mph? Context Please not a rant by the ill informed.

Glad to read about motorway driving in snow (Andy Wheeler) However, need to make point about van driver's speed which was NOT 'perfectly legal'! MAXIMUM speed limits are either the maximum designated for the area OR, the maximum FOR THE CONDITIONS, which, seemingly, based on the other drivers, was ONLY 30mph AND, even then, assuming all were at the necessary stopping distance from the vehicle in front

Again F.A.O. Institute of Advanced Motorists Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Sillars to add to my previous comment I have just read a couple of other comments on here and found this comment More road accidents occur with driver error whilst doing the appropriate speed than advanced drivers putting the pedal to the metal and letting the car rip up the road! Commented by 16/02/2015 20:00:26 Andrew Bradley Commented: / So as said in my previous comment what an ADVANCED DRIVER/RIDER said to me I do not need to do (look backs)SAFETY CHECKS I am an ADVANCED DRIVER/RIDER AND DO NOT NEED TO DO THEM Who use the roads as if nobody else is on the road That they are a LAW UNTO THEMSELVES So sort these Advanced Driving/Riding imbeciles out first It probably is these lunatics doing these SPEEDS As said It probably is these lunatics doing these SPEEDS Andrew Bradley's Comment Just verified this for me

F.A.O. Institute of Advanced Motorists Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Sillars When you have so called advanced motorists and motorcyclist saying I do not need to do (look backs)SAFETY CHECKS I am an ADVANCED DRIVER/RIDER AND DO NOT NEED TO DO THEM Which Is A Statement from one of your advanced People Then before you comment on other peoples driving/riding Do you not think you should not get your own house in order first It is probably the people who make statements such as this I do not need to do (look backs)SAFETY CHECKS I am an ADVANCED DRIVER/RIDER AND DO NOT NEED TO DO THEM Who use the roads as if nobody else is on the road That they are a LAW UNTO THEMSELVES So sort these Advanced Driving/Riding imbeciles out first It probably is these lunatics doing these SPEEDS

The reason most drivers "tail gate" on motorways is because of the poor lane discipline of 90% of other road users. Drive in the LH (nearside) lane except when overtaking people. Do not assume the role of the police force and decide "I am doing 68 mph in the rh lane so I will not pull over and let you past". That causes frustration and leads to accidents, in which you may become embroiled! If we taught people how to drive better we could raise the speed limits more in keeping with the capabilities of modern vehicles, instead we have to lower the standards to the lowest common denominator, the worst driver!

I am constantly up and down the M6 between Stafford and Birmingham where the speed limit is mostly restricted to 50mph. It worries me when I am keeping to the correct limit when other drivers, particularly lorries drive within a few inches of my bumper and also overtake at the first opportunity, then nip in front. Very frustrating and I don't understand why it is allowed to carry on ?

Yet again we look at the figures and are bottle necked and manipulated into negativity, out of all those cases mentioned I'd like to know if they were responsible or involved in a road accident due to their high speeds? More road accidents occur with driver error whilst doing the appropriate speed than advanced drivers putting the pedal to the metal and letting the car rip up the road!

Just can't understand these people who have this issue with the speed limit its simple 20th century speed limit with 21st century vehicle's everything moves on but not our speed limits I drive 50000 miles plus a year and I no that it bad drivers ( tailgating) that causes most accidents not speeding just ask yourself 40mph 6 meters behind a car in front or 100mph on a quiet motorway which is the most dangerous and if you believe its the second option you are an idiot

people who do these silly speeds putting other's at risk should get a six month jail sentence and be banned for a minimum of 18 month's

In areas where there are pedestrians and in built up areas I am 100% behind spped limits of between 20 and 50 mph as appropriate. When however the 70mph limit was set on Britains roads the majority of cars would have not been capable of more than this safely anyway. It is about time we moved with the advances in car design and adopted the German Autobahn strategy on certain motorways totally. This would both speed up the flow of traffic and act as a deterrent to the less confident and pedestrian drivers. The unlimited speed limit should also be accompanied by a minimum speed proviso.

Speed is not the only problem on our roads, many of which are the routes of mule trains and horse-drawn traffic in days gone by. Not only are ordinary people not equipped to think and react at high speed or to think and react in defence of high speed, ordinary people are incapable of anticipating and reacting to the high acceleration values of today's cars. Many relatively ordinary modern cars have power-to-weight ratios that only a few years ago would have been reserved for the supercar class. Today's supercars have an almost ballistic missile capability. No one should be accelerating quicker than an ordinary person is capable of efficiently anticipating on British roads and with a maximum 70mph speed limit any vehicular capability above that is wasted. It is long past time something was done about the unrestrained quest for performance by designers and irresponsible tv programmes such as Top Gear that just mess with the heads of impressionable motorists. Why is hundreds of horsepower needed to take a person from A to B when the job can be done by less than fifty...

Many modern cars are capable of speeds well in excess of 100mph, with stopping power to match. Whilst I agree there's no justification for reckless driving on busy roads or built up areas, in certain conditions (i.e., a clear, dry, long, stretch of motorway or dual carriageway) the 70mph limit is too restrictive for many experienced drivers with powerful cars. Why not have a fast(or even a toll) lane on motorways for such vehicles (like in some parts of Germany)? And why not penalize those who drive at 50mph or less in the outside lanes (in normal conditions) which is equally dangerous & inconsiderate to other motorway users? Personally, I think that in these days of over-crowded roads, good acceleration and the ability to overtake slow-moving traffic swiftly & safely, is far more relevant than a top speed best suited to race tracks.

Speed doesn't kill - inappropriate speed does. F1 drivers seem to manage perfectly well at 170mph +, with very few accidents. OK, to bring it back to more everyday scenarios. Driving at 34mph in a 30 zone is no big deal. Driving at 70 mph through a town is sheer madness. Driving at 30 mph ( the posted speed limit ) through my ( rural )area in the summer evenings would be downright dangerous, loads of kids out playing and riding bikes - all the locals know this and do about 15 mph. A few weeks ago I experienced heavy snow on a motorway. Pretty much everyone was doing around 30 mph, only one lane was clear of snow and that was dodgy. I was amazed to see a van going past everyone doing about 40 or 50, way way way too fast for the conditions, but perfectly legal. Contrast that with an experienced driver in a modern car doing 90, even 100 mph, on a clear motorway in good conditions. Who is causing the most danger ?

There are some complete morons out there. Not just speeders. It's the tailgaters that need the points. Those who combine the two should get their full 12.

Do these people not think of their own safety? They are clearly totally self centred yet do not realise that if they survive a collision at high speed (even 70) they will most likely be severely disabled and their life will no longer be dynamic and affluent (or however they see themselves). They will be instantly poor, chances are that friends and family will dump them and will have to live on benefits which the government will gradually withdraw or reduce.

How is it these drivers were dangerous when a copper was perfectly safe doing 154MPH on the M54 - according to the courts and police??? He wasn't even working - just enjoying a burnup!!!

Stephen Peacock you have no idea what you're talking about, why would you want to ban 4x4's from the road? Perhaps you are one of those clueless ecomentalist types? Whilst I agree that SUVs are a pointless commodity, real 4x4's are essential to the economy, businesses all over the country, the military and the emergency services. If you were out walking in the moors, fell, and broke your leg, would you prefer a landrover defender to come to your rescue? Or would you prefer a ford transit to get bogged down 4 miles away from you? Not everybody in a 4x4 is a bad driver, there are bad drivers in every vehicle type!

Notice that Thames Valley are way down the list as they concentrate on doing people like me doing 36 in a 30 when approaching a 40 sign. Cash cow speeding fines dont stop the driver from speeding at that moment. Attending a speed awareness course next week to save 3 points and £15.00

Speed kills it's that simple . If a car hits you at 3mph you will live ,if a car hits you at 140mph you are dead why do people find it so hard to understand .


1969... hendon way... on way home after charity walk.... I flashed a sports car out of my way and after passing it I was pulled in by police.... I had just told the met police daimler dart to get out of the way... I can still hear them laughing.... as said 1969 ford anglia (ok skimmed and bored) 113mph in 40zone (just before start of M1).... they laughed and gave me ticket for 45mph (£40 + 3 points) in 40 zone as the magistrate wouldn't have believed it.

God I hate these sort of articles because it brings out all the t*****s who think they are in some way a different species from the rest of us. They all have superhuman responses, they all drive supercars with racing brakes and brand new high performance tyres. They can all see like hawks and its always clear and dry when they drive. Oh yes, and crucially they always leave lots of room between them and the car in front (yeah, right) Meanwhile back in the real world, most drivers have average reactions, drive cars with brakes that (hopefully) comply with MOT testing standards rather than F1, have 'legal' (but possibly 'budget')tyres whose tread depth may meet regs but whose performance is vastly inferior, have eyesight which simply meets driving standards, drive in the rain and fog and always far too close for the conditions. Get real.

How many of these were stopped and how many just sent a bill some time later, or if the car was stolen never even got a bill? The problem win speed cameras are they don't stop people speeding.

The people who REALLY get my goat are the speeders who drive with NO LIGHTS ON - what morons!

Speeders are mainly a money maker for the government. However the police do not seem interested in catching people driving without tax, mot and insurance and the ramifications for driving illegitimately do not seem to concern offenders. Maybe if the fines were increased there would be the financial incentive for them to catch the illegitimate. Personally I would like to see a motorway driving competency test introduced that gives people the right to access the motorways and a hefty fine for driving on them without passing the test. Then perhaps we might be able to increase the speed limit for lanes 3+ have traffic keeping left when not passing a junction, stop tailgating, stop passing in the wrong lanes and drivers keeping up with traffic instead of doing 40mph in lane 1 the traffic flow would be safer and smoother.. Not that I think that will ever happen.

I also think they should ban 4x4s and SUVs as they are driven by the worst drivers on the road. I think the drivers of these cars must put a blind on before they set off.

THINKING DISTANCE at 140mph equals half a football pitch. THEN you might start braking. Enough said.

Funny how 100+mph is safe in Germany. The laws of physics are the same everywhere. It's not speed that is dangerous, it is speed in excess of the cars design, driver abilities and road conditions that can be dangerous.69mph on a UK motorway is too dangerous for some drivers, whilst 100mph is safe for others. An arbitrary limit is just a revenue generating rule

Richard Smith absolutely spot on, exactly what I was going to post. Why the fixation on speed itself. Far worse are my pet hate tailgaters, non indicators, rude people who don't even say thank you, lane hoggers and dare I say it ditherers or slow drivers

I used to enjoy driving but killjoys have destroyed that pleasure. Speed is fine if used sensibly, ask a German. How are we supposed to compete as nation if we forced to pay massive rail fares or drive at 40mph on a motorway almost everywhere due to 1000s of roadworks (some non-existent, just cones), I m getting seriously fed up with this country, I cant wait to leave

Maybe if we spent a little less money on trying to stop people getting where they are going and spent it on stopping people killing and bombing the country it might be a nicer place to live.

Top gear did an unscientific test regarding the stupid stopping distance of 70mph and 315ft According to the Highway Code, the typical stopping distance for a car travelling at 70mph is 315 feet. Jeremy Clarkson isn’t happy about this. He believes it is flawed, because the rules and regulations are “full of stupidity and factual inaccuracies” and asks whether a Ford Anglia was used for the tests. To make his point, Clarkson handed The Stig a sensible Vauxhall Insignia and instructed him to set about working out what speed you’d need to be travelling at to take 315 feet to stop? The answer: 122mph. So for us to make up the difference you would have to have the reactions of a dead cat Maybe we should just ban slow and blindfold drivers (the ones that do no mirror, possibly signal/last minute signal, move lane without looking)

When the M1 was first built wasn't there a coach designed and built to travel at 100mph to use on that motorway? In the days I drove BMWs I once travelled back through Germany and covered just over 100 miles in 1 hour during the evening with very light traffic, and when overtaking other traffic the "locals" were travelling a lot faster.

While I do not condone traveling at the speeds mentioned in this article, the chief executive of The Advanced motorists has said that “It is also impossible to handle corners, gradients, .......” If so that just shows how car an motorcycle racers are not human, at all but some ind of alien as they manage to negotiate corners quite effectively, it also shows how some will jump on the bandwagon with out fully understanding what they are saying. This undermines their credibility for other articles.

Well, the law is so outdated; 70mph is ridiculous and the thing is they have stealthily lowered that speed even more. Every road near me has had its speed reduced and obstacles have been placed in the middle of the road for no reason whatsoever. Its now MORE dangerous that it was previously. These people wont be happy until we all drive milk floats or driverless cars. Id rather eat road kill thanks. As mocked by Top Gear. The 70mph stopping distance was laughable. There are too many killjoys / boring people in charge nowadays. Soon we wont be able to let off or cough in public and we will also drive driverless cars or Prius'. I'll walk. Incidentally, Ill bet the people who compile the stats are the worst drivers on the road, windscreen huggers driving 20 in a 70, lane hoggers, tailgaters, indecisive drivers, slowcoaches - maybe we should start producing stupid lists for them too. Ah, no that's too much hard work isn't it.

my concern is not the hi speed that you mention but the low speed a wagon has to do.yes it has its merits but they are unable to overtake safely as they are not allowed that extra speed to do so and become an obstruction that is causing dangerous consequences. this seems to go un challenged by the powers at be but then again it does not raise money only blood pressure.

"Institute of Advanced Motorists Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Sillars, said: 'At speeds of 140mph, an individual is travelling at nearly two-and-a-half miles a minute. At that speed it is simply impossible to react to anything that might happen in front of you'.” The IAM peddle these lies and then wonder why they have zero credibility. If the speed limit on motorways was something more realistic than the arcane 70mph it currently is more people would be likely to comply. As it is the mentality tends to be if both 80mph and 90mph are over the limit I may as well do 90!

If these speeds are so appalling, why is it legal in Germany? I have been cruising at 80 mph and had a BMW go past me at about double that. Quite legal.

"At that speed it is simply impossible to react to anything that might happen in front of you." This is simply not true - it depends on how far away something is happening in front of you. Tailgaiting at 70mph in heavy traffic is far more dangerous than exceeding the arbitrary 70mph speed limit if there is distance for sufficient braking/reaction time.