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Driving off on your Summer Holiday?

Driving off on your Summer Holiday? The recent bank holiday may have given you a taste of that holiday feeling and you might be planning your summer break now? If you are planning on taking your car on holiday whether it be abroad or at home, there are lots of things to consider with regards to your insurance policy. Driving Abroad - Don’t automatically assume that your car insurance policy covers you for outside of the UK as some of the low cost “value” car insurance policies will omit this benefit in order to give you a cheaper car insurance quote. Even if your policy does include European cover, may only provide you with the minimum requirement for driving in that country which is generally third party only cover. Research the country that you are travelling to before setting off; ensure you know the driving law of the country and that you have any equipment you may need to carry. Worthy of investment if you’re driving overseas, is a good motor breakdown policy. Read More