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Aston Martin Rapide

This would make me slightly nervous if I had kids in the car as I could only imagine the destinations I would end up, instead of turning up at Chester Zoo and Alton Towers at random intervals, I can quite easily envisage myself being like the chap who was trying to go to Stamford Bridge for a Chelsea game from Northampton and drove all the way to its name sake in East Yorkshire. In terms of practicality the hatchback has enough room for four adults to sit in relative comfort or three players and three sets of golf clubs, however I would not use the car for any paparazzi events as I can see no elegant way of clambering out of the rear seats, just removing yourself from the rear of the car can seem somewhat similar to a commando role. The Aston Martin Rapide is based on the DB9 and has the same 6-litre V12 engine, creating jet like thrust of 470bhp, and a (still to be confirmed) top speed of 190mph. Read More