posted 6 years ago

Citroen DS3 Cabrio DSPORT Plus 155

Citroen Puts Its Cabrio on Show

Citroen launched their DS3 supermini model in 2009. Taking on the likes of MINI, Fiat and Audi it has proved to be quite a popular car, thanks in part to its extremely modern styling. Now the French brand has gone one step further and launched the Cabrio version.

The weather has been far from ideal of late, but the snow didn’t put me off when it came to driving it. One thing I’ve really liked when reading up about the car is the fact the roof comes down at up to speeds of 75mph – ideal for those living in the UK, when one minute it can be blue skies, the next torrential rain, or in this case, snow.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Exterior and Interior

On first impressions and the car screams cool. I couldn’t resist driving a Sport Yellow coloured one with a black roof, it stood out against the white stuff and I loved the options available to have different coloured roofs and door mirrors. The white looked great against a blue roof and mirrors. Seven different colours are available to choose from with three roof designs so you can make your DS3 scream with individuality.

The sculpted bonnet with a string of LED lights running down the front bumper mark the car out as one that wants to be seen and the rear is dominated by 3D LED lights that make the car extremely appealable to those wanting something that stands out against other cars on the road. DS insignia sits in the lights too adding quirkiness to the rear.

Inside and the uniqueness is transferred with dials, the likes I’ve never seen, and with the grey, chunkiness of them they wouldn’t look out of place on Action Man’s wrists. Citroen have also brought the outside in and the dashboard strip, air-vent surrounds and gear knob are colour-coded to the exterior paint job and roof.

A large 7-inch screen nestles in the centre console amongst the shiny black plastic interior with navigation, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. There is an air freshener adjuster so the car can always be smelling pleasant, that, or just put the roof down.

Perforated leather seats are comfortable and it has two class leading points; a boot that’s the biggest in its class with 245-litres and it also seats five people without feeing hemmed in. Citroen cleverly showed us a video with the car up against rivals the MINI Convertible and the Fiat 500C and it made the car look enormous against them.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Driving Capabilities and Engine

Steering is quite heavy but handling is still good and the DS3 Cabrio does stay well planted on roads. Usually convertibles are a lot heavier than their hatchback counterparts, but the engineers have done a great job in making it just 25kg heavier. The ‘shark fin’ B-pillars give it all round great vision, until you put the roof down, then you can’t see anything out of the rear. Mildly off putting, but at thankfully rear parking sensors come as standard. I did put the roof down, it wasn’t at 75mph, but it goes down in 16 seconds and then you can have the wind through your hair.

We drove the THP four-cylinder petrol engine which has 6-speed manual transmission. It struggles to get the power down in first gear, but once up to speed is very nippy producing 155bhp and goes from 0 - 62mph in just 8.2 seconds.

With CO2 emissions of 137g/km it falls in the tax band of £120 per year and with a combined fuel economy of 47.9mpg it isn’t going to cost you a fortune to run.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Pricing

Prices starts at £15,045 for the VTi 82 DSign, going up to £19,675 for the THP 155 DSport. If you want something that makes people stop and stare, you’re looking for a convertible, then the Citroen DS3 Cabrio ticks all the right boxes.