posted 7 years ago

Fiat 500L 1.6 MultiJet Lounge

Fiat Thrills Fathers Via Insightful Short Film

The Fiat 500L is starring in a brutally honest short film called “The Fatherhood”. Why? Because the motor manufacturer has revealed that new parents travel, on average, 1,300 miles per-year trying to get kids to sleep. The four minute film therefore starts with a mother strapping her two babies into the Fiat 500L. The “L”, of course, is the larger family-focussed version of the 500 city car. Their blurry-eyed father then sets-off into the night and sings a no-holds-barred song which every father can relate too. As such it includes lines such as “you peed inside my bedding but know I’ll get my own back when I’m dancing at your wedding”, and “my last hope of salvation is this gentle car vibration”. The tired man also reminisces about his lost youth and ponders the future. ”Will I turn into my father”, he sings. The short piece - which the motor manufacture hopes will boost this small family car's profile - follows Fiat's The Motherhood film which came out in 2012.

Fiat Discusses Parent Films

Elena Bernardelli, Marketing Director for the Fiat Group Automobiles UK, revealed: “After the phenomenal success of The Motherhood we were inundated with requests to see Dad’s side of the story. As with The Motherhood, we wanted Dads everywhere to watch The Fatherhood and nod along to the story we’re telling.” She concluded: “Just like the Fiat 500L, we hope The Fatherhood will bring a bit of fun into people’s everyday lives.”

Fiat 500L 1.6 MultiJet Lounge Review

The Fiat 500L 1.6 MultiJet Lounge is the top of the range version of this mobile bed. It therefore has a fantastic specification to help babies sleep. This includes climate control which regulates the air-conditioning and the heater to maintain a pre-defined temperature in the cabin. It also has cruise control to keep the car at consistent speeds and MP3 playback. The latter is perfect for playing lullabies. All this is wrapped-up in a vehicle that corners with confidence, has a comfortable ride, and nicely weighted steering. The reassuring handling complements its refined (and quiet) 105bhp diesel engine that propels babies to 62mph in 11.3 seconds and averages 62.8mpg. Both these figures are more than respectable. The Fiat 500L has five doors too, plus a stylish cabin and a large 400-litre boot for baby supplies. It also feels better screwed together than some of the manufacturer's older cars so it should last until those babies are old enough to sit their exams. Prices start at £18,890 which is equivalent to a day's supply of nappies.