posted 7 years ago

Jaguar XFR Speed Pack

Oh dear... the Jaguar XFR 5.0-litre 510 PS Saloon is only capable of 155mph.

Oh dear... the Jaguar XFR 5.0-litre 510 PS Saloon is only capable of 155mph. That is clearly too slow for some hard-core motorists. Great news, then. This predator is now available with a Speed Pack that increases performance to 174mph. Faster than a BMW M5, then – its arch rival. But oh dear... strangely, the Jaguar XFR's suspension does not satisfy everyone. Odd considering it includes an Adaptive Dynamics system that constantly tweaks its settings to minimise body roll. Thank goodness the XFR Speed Pack also includes suspension enhancements that help high-speed stability. And oh dear... the Jaguar XFR may be one of the most attractive cars in the world but that too is not enough for some. Perhaps the Speed Pack's new front splitter and revised rear wing compensate?

Oh dear... the Jaguar XFR costs £65,380. That is clearly too cheap. Fortunately, the Speed Pack increases this by £2,750 to a more reasonable £68,130. As such, this optional extra must address every complaint an XFR driver might have. Nobody, after all, could criticise its status in the company car park. Only a Rolls-Royce or supercar could turn more heads. And - back in the real world away from top speed - this saloon is a tremendously capable everyday car. Its smooth eight-speed auto transmission, precise steering, and high specification ensure that. Highlights include the heated/cooled seats, touch-screen sat-nav, and key-less entry. Speed lovers cannot even complain about missing their television programmes as it is available with a tuner. Nothing to moan about, then. Oh dear, oh dear.