posted 4 years ago

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon Review

One of the most sophisticated cars in the market, the new Mercedes-Benz E Class. User Verdict
  • Understated style
  • Loaded with technology
  • Longer and lighter than before
  • Only available in two trims
  • Packed sector with high class alternatives
  • Some rival cars are better to drive enthusiastically


Whenever a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is launched the clamour for the car is immense. It’s not hard to see why? The E-Class a class act, with this kind of prestige comes a subtle kind of luxury. This latest iteration is longer but lighter than the previous car. The wheelbase has been extended by 65mm boosting the interior space.

As we all know autonomous driving is getting closer and closer and the new E-class inches us towards that goal. Had enough with trying to park in cramped spaces? The E-Class has a system called the Remote Parking Pilot. It works by the driver actually getting out of their car, which will then park by itself in response to a prompt from their smartphone. A very smart and innovative feature that is sure to catch on with the large majority of E-Class buyers.

That’s not it, the E-Class also features the latest version of Mercedes’ adaptive cruise control, it maintains a safe distance between you and the car in front, right down for when you come to a halt. It also steers between the white lines at motorway speeds, however, driver input is needed every 30 seconds so you can’t put your feet up.

The new car has certainly plenty going for it, practical, luxurious and classy but in a sector such as this has it got what it takes to out manoeuvre rivals including Audi’s A6, the BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar XF. Read on to find out more.

On the Road

Only one sole diesel engine is available on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class from launch. This is the four-cylinder E220d producing a hefty 191bhp. Regardless of what engines come on stream for the E-Class, the E220d will easily be the most popular in the UK thanks to the mix of performance and a good level of fuel economy.

This car will be a favourite amongst the fleet market. Performance figures are good. It can complete the benchmark sprint in a time of 7.3 seconds while it has a top speed of 150mph where legal. This powertrain is mated to Mercedes’ exceptional and super smooth nine-speed automatic gearbox. The E-Class is quick in a straight line and the power delivery is very quick. Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that an E350d, powered by a six-cylinder diesel, and an E350e plug-in hybrid, this will be followed by high-performance AMG models and the E-Class Estate.

The E-Class is not a favourite amongst those who claim to be driving enthusiasts, and they would be right, this new E-Class is similar to what has gone before, this is no 5 Series or even Jaguar XF. In saying all that, it is nimble and agile but it is more competent than fun. The reason for this is the E-Class is for wafting up and down the UK motorway network, this is where it is at home. With all that in mind, it is like riding on a magic carpet, that really is how smooth it is.

The steering is direct and precise and it weights up depending on the speed you are going. It’s never going to give the kind of feedback from the steering that a 5 Series does but it’s not too bad. The E220d comes with coil springs but air springs are available as an option and add to that wafting sensation. The air suspension does come as standard on the E350d.

To enhance the ride, you can toggle the drive mode selector to change the settings of the air springs.

A ride like a magic carpet, the E-Class is the most comfortable saloon car in the market. Refinement is second to none. Engine, tyre and wind noise are very low and almost non-existent when you are in the cabin. Ride comfort is first class while the optional air-spring suspension adds to extremely good levels of comfort. Cars without air suspension are offered with optional adaptive dampers, these again help to iron out any lumps and bumps in the road. Up front drive and passenger are well catered for thanks to heating and cooling functions available on the front seats.

In the car

Initially, only two trims will be available on the E-Class, the SE and sporty AMG Line.

The SE trim comes well equipped. Standard kit includes parking sensors, a reversing camera, Collision Prevention Assist, a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, Dynamic Select driver profile system, DAB radio, sat-nav, heated front seats and keyless ignition.

Choose the E350d SE it adds air suspension, the 12.3-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto smartphone connectivity and a touchpad to control the infotainment.

While the flagship and sporty AMG Line adds an AMG bodykit, 19-inch alloys, an AMG steering wheel, faux leather, fabric upholstery and electrically adjustable seats.

Longer than its predecessor, the E-Class saloon is huge. It’s 43mm longer when comparing with the old car while the wheel-base has been enhanced by 65mm. This means the cabin space has grown, however the boot space remains identical to that of the previous car and stands at 540 litres. The aforementioned Remote Parking Pilot. Is a cracking tool for those who may not be as confident when it comes to parking. 


Our pick of the E-Class line-up is the, E220d. This model has the lot. It offers brilliant performance and this is paired to low running costs when comparing to rivals in this sector thanks to averaging around 74mpg and 102g/km of CO2. 

Mercedes-Benz is world renowned for its build quality and good reliability records. The previous iteration performed well in customer satisfaction surveys and there is no reason to doubt this new model. The mechanicals are well proven whether it be the engines or gearboxes. 

Mercedes-Benz prides itself on offering the latest safety kit on all its models. The cabin is littered with airbags, a pedestrian detection bonnet that rises in the event of a collision, a fatigue detection system, cruise control, ISOFIX points, front and rear parking sensors, tyre-pressure monitoring and collision assistance. This new car has not been tested by Euro NCAP but just like the previous iteration we expect this car to achieve five stars.