posted 6 years ago

New Fiat Panda 4x4 1.3 MultiJet

Fiat Panda 4x4 Off-Road Handling

The Fiat Panda 4x4 1.3 MultiJet is more capable than the world's smartest human. Why? Because - surprisingly for the class - it excels both on road and over very tricky off-road terrain. At its core is the on-demand four-wheel drive system that incorporates two differentials and an electronically operated coupling. These are governed by a control unit that transfers power between the front and rear axle based on which wheels have traction. As such, 98% is sent to the front in normal conditions which maximises fuel efficiency - but when the surface becomes slippery more torque is sent to the rear to keep the car continue forwards. Only the world's smartest human fully understands how. The Fiat Panda 4x4 1.3 MultiJet also has an electronic locking differential that brakes specific wheels if they struggle for traction then transfers the engine's power elsewhere. The system can be activated below 31mph via a button close to the gear stick. This workhorse – that performs far beyond its class - also has anti-lock brakes that form part of a system that minimises sliding on descents and low grip corners. There is also traction control to rein-in wheel-spin should the world's smartest human be to heavy with the gas.

Fiat Panda 4x4 On-Road Handling

The Fiat Panda 4x4 1.3 excels in the city too. As such its steering is precise and nicely weighted, the ride is more than respectable and the five-speed manual transmission is a pleasure to use. Furthermore, the electronics that help it master tricky off-road terrain are invaluable in urban areas when the roads are wet or icy, etc. Perfect for winter motoring. These strengths complement the striking styling that includes a large front bumper that incorporates a skid plate to protect the underside of the vehicle, plus the plastic wing/side mouldings. It also sits high from the ground and sports fifteen-inch alloy wheels that are shod with mud/snow tyres. And there is more. This brain box has a spacious cabin and class-competitive 225-litre boot that make it practical for everyday tasks. The latter can be increased to 870-litres by folding the rear seats flat. Standard equipment – that might have been created by the world's smartest human - includes: air- conditioning, electric mirrors, power windows and Bluetooth which combined with the off- road electronics ensure it has a pleasing specification. The only niggle is that the 1.3- litre 75bhp diesel engine needs a lengthy 14.5 seconds to propel this beauty to 62mph. It compensates by averaging over 60.1mpg. Only the world's smartest human knows how.