posted 7 years ago

New Ford Ka Review

The Ford Ka tames cities like cowboys tame wild stallions.

The Ford Ka tames cities like cowboys tame wild stallions. Why? Because this urban maestro has numerous strengths that help it dominate its environment. These include the excellent visibility, superb ride, composed chassis, and the smooth five-speed manual transmission. This cowboy also has electric power steering which feels light when parking then becomes heavier, at faster speeds, for better feedback. This complements the class-competitive 224-litre boot and cargo capacity can be increased to a pleasing 747-litres by folding the rear seats flat. Plenty of room for horse books, then. The Ka also has fun-focussed styling which is very important in the fashion conscious city car sector. Cowboys like to stand-out from the crowd, after all, which explains their funny dress sense.

The Ford Ka is available with two engines that perfectly suit city motoring. The 1.2-litre petrol models produce 69PS, hit 62mph in 13.4 seconds, and average a pleasing 57.7mpg. Furthermore, these can be taxed annually for £30 as carbon emissions are only 115g/km. In contrast, 1.2-litre diesel trims knock-out 75PS, hit 62mph in 13.6 seconds, average 68.9mpg, and can be taxed for £20. Carbon emissions are 109g/km. The diesel engine therefore has lower everyday running costs which - combined with extra torque – makes it the better choice. However, whereas both power plants feel reasonably nippy through cities a little more power might be helpful for chasing wild stallions on faster roads.

The Ford Ka is available with various trims to tame those wild stallions. The Studio has: tinted glass, an immobiliser, CD player, and MP3 playback. This arguably feels basic but that is what some people like. The Edge adds: air-conditioning, electric front windows, and remote locking and the Zetec has fifteen-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, and a leather steering wheel too. Pleasingly, the top-of-the-range Titanium adds: climate control, a silver gear knob, pearl-white steering wheel inserts, and chrome handles. This trim feels a cut above the other horse lovers and is nicely equipped for the class. There is also the fashionable Digital, Metal, and Grand Prix II versions which are based on the Zetec. The Digital has stripes on its bonnet and roof, the Metal has a metallic-look cabin, and the Grand Prix has a carbon-fibre style stripe and dark alloys. No horse can escape that, then.

The Ford Ka costs from £8,725 to £12,225 (excluding stallions). However, it is also available in 1.2-litre 69PS Edge form via a personal contract plan (PCP). Terms include the £2,461.90 deposit, which is followed by one payment of £109 and twenty-three payments of £99. At the end of the contract there are three options. One, pay the £4,731 purchase fee to own the Ka. This totals £9,588.90 including interest and a £10 purchase fee. Option two is to return the vehicle and option three is to part exchange courtesy of a new PCP. Pleasingly, if the Ka is worth more than its purchase fee – perhaps because it has low mileage - this equity contributes toward the deposit for a replacement. Good stuff, Cowboy.