posted 7 years ago

New Nissan Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna 4WD Review

The new Nissan Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna 4WD is one of the most memorable vehicles on the market

The new Nissan Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna 4WD is one of the most memorable vehicles on the market, and one of the most confusing. This is because whereas motorists can generally look at a vehicle and identify its class, perhaps small family hatchback, the Juke's beach buggy appearance makes it difficult to pigeon hole.

The Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna 4WD is actually a 'crossover' vehicle and smaller sibling of the capable Nissan Qashqai. It is essentially a compact supermini styled like a 4x4 that is designed to appeal to fashion conscious motorists. However, in this case social status and individuality are expensive so wannabe owners will have to raise a rather considerable £17,395.

For this noteworthy sum motorists benefit from the 187bhp engine that propels the Juke to 60mph in 8 seconds and on to 134mph. Average fuel consumption in the six-speed manually geared variant is 40.9mpg, and it sits in road tax band G/£155. By comparison, the CVT automatic model is slightly slower and thirstier and can feel unresponsive.

Handling-wise the Juke is competent but unremarkable. Whereas there is plenty of traction for confident cornering this is overshadowed by body roll and soggy steering. The ride is also rather firm so negotiating rough roads can be tiresome. Oh, and despite having four-wheel drive the Juke is better suited to tarmac than serious mud plunging. Overall though it is a decent cruiser but by no means the best choice for enthusiastic drivers.

The Nissan Juke 1.6 DiG-T Tekna 4WD is the top of the range model so the specification is generous. Stand equipment includes the colour rear view parking camera, six air-bags, electronic stability programme, and rain sensing wipers. Music lovers can also enjoy the six speaker CD/radio system that has USB and MP3 connectivity.

So, how do we summarise the Nissan Juke? This vehicle's robust construction, generous interior space, excellent specification, and individuality are impressive – but it will leave most sporty drivers cold. Therefore the Juke is for those who favour individuality over ability and fashion over function. Let's not be too harsh though, Nissan deserve to be praised for designing something genuinely unique.