posted 8 years ago

Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 Supercharged

The Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 Supercharged costs a ridiculously low £86,925.

The Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 Supercharged costs a ridiculously low £86,925. Can it really be a good car for that price? It is barely enough for a cappuccino, after all. And its V8 engine only produces 510bhp, so motorists wait a never-ending 6.2 seconds to hit 62mph. At least that is quicker than a standard Lotus Elise, I suppose. And this 2,810kg 4x4 runs-out of steam at a sluggish 140mph. For crying out loud, that is only 10mph faster than the Toyota GT-86 auto. Then there is 'that' boot. The Range Rover's cargo capacity with the rear seats folded flat is 2,099-litres - only marginally more than the Mercedes- Benz E-Class Estate. And what about off-road. Yes, it can climb every mountain - but so can a goat. Clearly, the only way to make the Range Rover tolerable is to buy a few extras.

Range Rover Autobiography 5.0 Supercharged options include a Vision Assist Pack. This includes cameras that provide almost 360 degree views via a dashboard screen. This complements the radar controlled blind spot monitoring system which alerts motorists when cars are hidden from view. The Vision Assist Pack has auto high-beam too, that does as it says on the tin. All for £1,085. At last, a few basics. Other must haves are the four-zone climate control for £1,075, and the £435 Climate Control Windscreen. The latter reduces direct heat from the sun. It would also be crazy to live without the twin-DVD rear entertainment system, for £2,450. Also, best have the £1,020 Park Heating system which - via remote control – pre-heats the 4x4. Finally, the ski bag and electric garage door opener must be included for £105 and £245, respectively. There is hope for Range Rover, after all.