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Toyota C-HR Review
Toyota has updated its first-ever compact crossover - the C-HR - by giving it cleaner lines and a funkier face. It has also upped the power, and the car is quieter than before. Even better, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto finally make their way into the mo
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Toyota Camry Review
The Toyota Camry has amassed more than 19 million sales worldwide since it was launched back in 1982. It’s been absent from the UK roads for 15 years, but now the all-new eighth generation car is back.
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Toyota RAV4 Review
Toyota moved the goalposts when it introduced its first generation RAV4 back in 1994. It was the first go-anywhere SUV that offered handling akin to a ‘normal’ car. Now the all-new fifth-generation model aims to raise the bar once again.
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Toyota Corolla Review
The Toyota Corolla is the most popular and globally recognised car on the planet so when it was replaced by the Auris in Europe 12 years ago, it created quite a stir throughout the industry. But now it’s back and it’s better than ever.
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Toyota Land Cruiser Review
SUVs are springing up all over the place these days. Some are soft-roaders, others simply hatchbacks on a growth spurt. Then there are the hard-core models and the Toyota Land Cruiser is as tough as they get.
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Toyota Prius Plug-in Review
Toyota continue their all-out assault on the hybrid market with the latest version of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid...
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