posted 9 years ago

Used Hyundai Santa Fe Reviewed

Have you ever heard of the Hyundai Santa Fe?

Have you ever heard of the Hyundai Santa Fe? I'm curious because within my reasonably- sized circle of friends, associates, and hangers-on - only one person is familiar with this Korean four-wheel-drive plaything. And guess what? He works for Hyundai. Clearly the Santa Fe is struggling to be noticed, which is a pity as it is a good value second-hand purchase. So, let's consider this unconventional vehicle's numerous virtues.

The Hyundai Santa Fe was introduced in 2006 and revised in 2009. Every model has confidence inspiring four wheel drive, love it or hate it styling, and a 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. This 194bhp unit propels the Santa Fe to 62mph in either 9.8 or 10.2 seconds, depending whether it is bolted to the six-speed manual or the speed reducing six-speed auto transmission. Oh, and both versions average at least 39mpg.

The used Hyundai Santa Fe comes as both a traditional five-seater, or a seven seater for those with more kids than a primary school class. Complementing the versatile seating arrangements is a 969-litre boot, that can be increased in size to a staggering 2,247-litres by folding the rear seats flat. However the Santa Fe's interior is arranged, the cabin feels spacious and comfortable thanks, in part, to the excellent equipment specification.

Prices for the used Hyundai Santa Fe start at £12,000 for an entry-level, 2006, example. Alternatively, those with £15,000 to spend on a Korean cruiser can slide into a 2008 model. £20,000 buys a highly specified - virtually new - seven seater. Most of these vehicles are still covered by the manufacturer's five-year warranty, so peace of mind and easy ownership should be on the cards. Now, have you heard of the new Hyundai i40?