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Do It Online - Tax Disc and SORN

Applying for a new tax disc online - or declaring a vehicle SORN - is straightforward.

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Applying for a new tax disk online - or declaring a vehicle SORN - is straightforward. Simply visit, then select either 'apply for a tax disc now' or 'declare SORN' from the left hand menu. You then enter some further information, e.g. the reference number shown on any reminder form - or the eleven digit reference shown on the V5C registration certificate (log book). You also need the vehicle's registration number.

When the website receives a new tax disc request, it checks the vehicle is insured and has a valid MOT certificate (if applicable). This is done electronically through the Motor Insurance Database and the VOSA MOT database. Assuming everything is in order you then select your preferred disc - six or twelve months.

Tax Now   SORN Now

Payment is by debit or credit card. There is a £2.50 charge for the latter. Discs should be received within five working days.

Once a vehicle is declared SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) it cannot be used - or kept - on the public highway. This declaration lasts for twelve months unless the vehicle is either: re-licensed, sold, permanently exported, or scrapped. The vehicle 'keeper' should receive written confirmation within four weeks of completing the online SORN declaration.

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My vehicle has been off the road since end Dec 2014


My Bike has been on SORN for 5 years with a Fine on one missed occasion. This site will not help me do things easy.

Taking car off road 11.01.2015

Site very easy to use. Do not like the idea of no tax disc. Open to abuse! Also not being able to pass on paid tax when selling a car????


iam getting a new car on Tuesday would you please cancle the old one from thesday after 10pm please my regestergin no is yox2 oks

this website is complely useless to sorn my bike (which i have to do by law or face a fine) and we are all paying our hard earned money for this, no wonder the road tax is so high,another rip off

My daughter has arranged to buy a car which she can collect on Thursday we wanted to tax the car so she could drive away then we have spent an hour trying to tax the vehicle with no success the website was no help whatsoever we will contact DVLA tomorrow by phone and hope we have more success.

Tried to tax my car on new site but could only do it by setting up a direct debit which i dont want to do ,never found the old site a problem, so off to the post office tomorrow.

Quick and very easy to use - probably the best I have come across

Utter crap. Cannot use the sorn system at all

all the morning have been trying to SORN my car-will not allow me to enter any details-not my fault-but it will be me that gets into trouble-all of these systems should have been sorted by now.

Tried to tax car online,get to entering card details and it will not go any further.So will have go to the post office

Tried to register my lorry as SORN entered document Ref: and Registration Number, DVLA request Payment NOT a REFUND as requested, Typical Government concerne. Alan

tax my van

I do know why its called "beta" Its beaten me, what a load of rubbish, but then its following gov guide lines

Bloody crap...been trying since 7 to tax a car online is useless...even phoned..system down for essential maintenance.. of course u always plan to take a business critical system offline on the busiest day of a month.!! numpties

Teething problems...managed to tax online without problem. However, unable to apply for new driving license, as I've recently moved. It has a problem when you have to give your old address, and keeps using the old address as the new one. Kind of defeats the object really?!

tried to put my bmw car on a sorn on line, but would not let me do it

Not happy atall still wayting to do my sorn,I want to sorn now not tomorrow,been here for an houer now getting bist off,your sistem is not good enoughf,I'm here to do a job,and can't do it,

Crap system



I need to sorn my vehicle

Please tell me why I can't speak to someone on the phone. Is it not possible to add it to your four options

I needed to SORN a recently acquired "project car" as I was worried about getting hit with a fine. I did a Google search for "sorn" but this time Google did NOT bring me to DVLA. As it was 2 am I didn't notice at first. The page looked just like the DVLA page and it accepted both the registration number and the document number from the V11c. A "NEXT" button appeared but the next page wanted my credit card details and said that I had to pay £35! I didn't pay even though I thought it might be a tax arrears or SORN arrears fine. The next day I had another look and YES IT WAS A SCAM! Allegedly the same scams are being pulled on all kinds of official communications such as passport applications, driving licence applications etc etc. WHY AREN'T THE POLICE BREAKING THEIR DOORS DOWN?


I applied for a new tax disk Ref 1129 6294 5678 7571 for my car SX08CKL. I need to know if it has been successful. I was unable to print out the result due to complications about agreeing to organ transplants. Please inform me if my tax disc will now be sent to me.

this is a scam site , you can tax your car for free via www gov uk


I have also been conned by this site - the official site advised me to write but cannot find an address or e mail details could also not find any mention of a charge

I have been scammed £40 when I used what I thought was site linked to DVLA. I too phoned DVLA and they were well aware of this scam, which is just as disgraceful. They were of no help to me at all. I will be contacting my M.P for further advice.

How to tax my vehicle with a disable tax exemption certificate

if I have been conned by these people, I will kill one member of staff in their office for every £1 I am overcharged....thank you


I also have been duped for £40. Taxed my car online in April £180 for year. Got my bank statement today and a payment of £220 was paid out. I rang DVLA and they told me I had gone on a website which was identical to theirs and there was nothing they could do about it. She said that they were trying to get this website shut down. I have been on the laptop since and all the sites have the, makes you wonder if the government has something to do with it!!!!

The renewal form looked so authentic. I`ve just been done for 2 cars £80, hope the DVLA gets to grips with this

the government really must do something to make these thieves stop . they fooled me with their lookalike site I have just lost £40 and my husband also £50 its time the government stepped in.

very easy and no problem regarding doing my tax on line

Ihave also got charged £45 on that website. I phoned DVLA to ask why and they didn't want to know and put phone down on me. I am going to contact Trading Standards.I will never renew my tax disc on line again

another one scammed by look alike dvla site. the official site should be shown more clearly to stop people being ripped off. as any one managed to get the fee back.

I have also been scammed by the tax disc issuing company and got charged £40 admin fee for their service. Everyone needs to be quite sure on the site they are using to purchase road tax. A good indication is the REAL DVLA already have your vehicle details so won't ask for them.

how long can you drive for while waiting for new tax to arrive

I have changed my address from 19, Charnhill Brow, to No.15, Charnhill Brow. How do I contact you tolet you know?

After renewing on-line, can you legally use your vehicle until the licence arrives?

I have just renewed my roar tax on line on my renewal its £145.00 for ayear on line it was £40 more can I cancel please

I need taxdisc because expired 30.04.2014

this is the easiest way to apply