posted 9 years ago

Registering a Vehicle

The registration process varies according to whether the vehicle is new or used.

It is important to ensure your vehicle is registered, it may not be registered with the DVLA if it is brand new, a kit car, if it has been imported rebuilt or altered, is old or a classic vehicle. Normally a brand new car will be registered as the dealer normally arranges it, otherwise you need to obtain the relevant form from the DVLA form ordering service. To register a new vehicle, imported or newly built vehicle then form V55/4 is required. To register a used vehicle including used imported vehicles, older vehicles that have never been registered and rebuilt vehicles then apply for form V55/5. Identification is also required when sending in forms such as your photo card driving licence or passport. If these are unavailable other documents you can use to confirm your name include current paper driving licence, marriage certificate or birth certificate and address confirmation can be a recent utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill. Other supporting documents needed will be a current MOT if the vehicle is over three years old, new registration fee for £55, payment for the vehicle tax, a certificate of newness if the vehicle is new and any documents relating to build plans if it is a kit car. Once your application has been received the DVLA may choose to inspect your vehicle, once the application is approved a V5C registration certificate (log book) will be sent to you.