posted 5 years ago

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen Or Cloned

Helpful advice to aid you in a worst-case scenario.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen

If the unfortunate occurs and your car is stolen there are some straightforward steps to take. Step one is to report the theft to the local police station with the relevant details; make, model, colour and registration number. The police will then provide you with a crime reference number. Step two contact your insurance company with the crime reference number and for further advice. You must inform the DVLA if your insurance company pay out a claim for your stolen vehicle, the registration certificate has a section ‘notification of sale or transfer’ this needs completing and sending together with details of payment and when it was accepted. The remaining part of the V5C registration certificate should be given to the insurance company. You can apply for a tax refund if your vehicle is not found within a week and remember to include the crime reference number as this will be needed.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Has Been Cloned

Cloning involves copying the identity of a similar vehicle on the road. The fact is a stolen vehicle can appear legal by copying the identity of a legitimate vehicle. It may become apparent that your vehicle has been cloned if you receive fines and charges that you are not responsible for meaning someone else is using your registration. If you think your vehicle has been cloned then return all fines and correspondence to the issuing authority together with evidence to prove the vehicle is not yours. Contact the DVLA so they can record your findings and then contact the police so they can trace and prosecute.