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CarSpotter Valuation Service

CarSpotter Online And Text-Based Valuation Service

Infiniti G37

The CarSpotter Valuation Service provides motorists with second-hand prices via its website and a text-based interface. The former is particularly easy to use. The motorist begins by entering the vehicle's registration number into the system which then confirms its: manufacturer, model, trim level, date of registration and colour.

The system continues by asking the mileage and for an e-mail address. The motorist must then pay for the valuation by phone or text. The typical cost is £4.50 but the rate can vary according to the means of payment. Alternatively, the text-based service better suits those who want valuations on the move. The motorist therefore texts the registration number to “86007”. He/she then receives a message that confirms a few basic details such as the vehicle's model, plus a brief technical outline. This includes the: cubic capacity, brake-horsepower, top speed, acceleration, torque and fuel consumption, etc. More importantly, the text message reveals the vehicle's trade-in valuation which – at this point – is based on average mileage for the year. The system therefore prompts the motorist to confirm the vehicle's exact mileage so he/she can receive a more accurate price. This text-based service costs £1.50 per-message plus the network rate, and requires no more than three texts. The total cost cannot therefore top £4.50 per-vehicle.

CarSpotter Valuation Service Limitations

The CarSpotter Valuation Service is a useful resource but – as with every second-hand valuation – it is worth cross-referencing the company's findings. This can be achieved via other price guides and by searching through used vehicle listings to see what similar stock sells for. Remember too that optional extras can influence the valuation. Furthermore, whereas the company provides prices for the overwhelming majority of cars and light commercial vehicles - some are beyond its remit. These include those that were registered before 1992 or within the last six months, plus imports and rare models.

CarSpotter History Check And Background

CarSpotter's Valuation Service is complemented by its History Check that can be accessed via applications from the Apple Store and Android Market. The basic check – which is free – requires the motorist to enter the car's registration number. The system then confirms its: make, model, engine size, fuel type and colour which the motorist can cross-reference. However, the full history check is far more complete and it – or something similar from another service provider - is an essential tool for second-hand buyers. Why? Because it confirms – via the HPI - whether the car has: outstanding finance due, has been recorded as stolen, has been written-off following a collision, has been written-off having been stolen and not recovered, is at risk of being sold illegally (on the security watch register), has been inspected following insurance damage and/or has had a registration plate transfer. All for £7.99. CarSpotter's services are powered by Velti which is a company from The Netherlands that helps businesses engage with consumers via mobile marketing. Since its launch thirteen years ago, it has expanded to fifteen countries and now supports a wide range of initiatives including Fortune 500 companies.

Free Car Valuation